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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jessica Scott Contest and Interview

Bitten By Love Reviews proudly presents the amazing and talented Jessica Scott. Army officer, Mom, Wife and Author of BECAUSE OF YOU,  UNTIL THERE WAS YOU (Release October 2012) and a novella BACK TO YOU (Release Spring 2013).

What readers are saying about BECAUSE OF YOU

Watch out Navy SEALS, there’s a new hero in town and he’s wearing Army gray! Because of You is a beautifully crafted, wonderfully emotional debut.
~ JoAnn Ross | New York Times Bestselling Author

In BECAUSE OF YOU, Jessica Scott presents a realistic and emotionally gripping tale of life in and around the military. A wonderful debut, and I can’t wait to read the next in this compelling series.
~ Julie Kenner | USA Today Bestselling Author

“Edgy and current—and a truly satisfying love story. Put this book, Jessica Scott's BECAUSE OF YOU, on your must read list.
~ Suzanne Brockmann | New York Times Bestselling Author

BECAUSE OF YOU is a tough and tender romance that proves the one thing worth fighting for will always be true love. Jessica Scott is a vibrant new voice in contemporary romance!
~ Teresa Medeiros | New York Times Bestselling Author

Chapter One
The dust had long ago ground its way into his skin. It was no longer an annoyance but part of his flesh, baked into the cells by the intense heat. Once, clouds might have blocked the sky but Sam didn’t remember a time like that. Those were just stories, told by the Boomers.
Sam stood in the middle of the back forty as the dust storm threatened. They needed to get back to the barracks and the safety of the fort before the storm finally decided it was coming for them like a vengeful god.
All the storms had been like that since before Sam could speak. That much, Sam did know.
His grip tightened on the saber in his right hand. The cool hilt was polished lead coated in gold. A saber made for slashing and quick cuts.
Today, it had drank heavily of blood. Not the blood of the enemy. The blood of a candidate who’d failed. Even now, the cuts on the unworthy plebe’s body were seeping into the dust. Calling to the carrion feeders circling high over head.
“I did my best,” the plebe rasped, his voice nearly gone from the harsh summer wind.
“Your best is not good enough. You did not pass.” Sam felt only a cold dispassion in passing judgement. Those who were unworthy, by even a single measure, were weak. And the weak brought down the entire formation.
Good soldiers died protecting the weak.
So there were no more weak. Sam made sure of it.
“One blow. You got in one blow. And only because I tripped!” The plebe scrambled to his feet, gripping his side as blood seeped between his clenched fingers.
“What if you trip in combat? Someone has to stop. Someone has to wait. You cannot trip. You must be flawless to be a Soldier. You are not worthy to wear our colors. Remove them before you leave the stadium.”
“Please. Sarn’t Brudhuil. I need this. My family. I’m the only hope for my family. I have a little girl. She needs surgery.”
Sam turned his cold gaze on the burgher. “How is this my problem? If it was this important, you should have trained harder.” His gaze flicked down the burgher’s battered body. “Burn the colors before you leave.”
He turned away, heading to the waiting formation of plebes who had passed the test. Who were graduates into the TRADOC program to become Soldiers. They were the strong.
But even they were not promised success. Success was earned. There was one standard. And the plebe at his back had not met it.
The plebe would never know how it tore at his soul to turn his back on him. How once he’d been weak and allowed one plebe ascension to the candidate ranks.
That mistake had cost him and his squad dearly. It was only the fact that Sam had been the one to discover the outbreak before it had spread that had save him.
He did not make the same mistake twice.
He met the gaze of the each of the successful candidates. Seven males, five females.
The dark skinned female’s eyes that spoke of Pacific heritage widened slightly.
Sam turned, raising his blade instantly as he dropped to a knee, warding off the plebe’s attempt to strike him with his back turned. A flick of his wrist and the blade sliced into the plebe’s chest, carving deep into sinew and bone.
The world had changed. There was no room for the weak.
And the plebe’s choice now meant that the little girl now needed a father in addition to surgery.

 Now on to what everyone is waiting for.....The Interview!!

 1.When did you start writing and what was the first thing you wrote?

Um how far back are we talking about? There are rumors that my mom still has my pretty awful Anne McCaffrey fan fiction notebooks floating around but we’ll just pretend those never happened and say that I started writing in 2007 when I went to Officer Candidate school.

2.Where do you get your ideas on what you write?

I write about soldiers because there’s inspiration around me all the time. I am a woman on active duty so cue conflict, you know? Plus, who else deserves a happily ever after than GIs. Especially after a decade at war, you know? I also like big quesiton books like the Hunger Games. It’s depressing to me to realize I will never write anything that truly awesome!

3.What are some hobbies or things you are into that you do when not writing?

I’m an active duty army officer, mom, housewife and writer. I have no hobbies J Kidding. I love a challenge so it appears that home improvement is something I enjoy as well as tinkering with website design (I’m not very good)

4.Have you ever been so engrossed in writing a book that you have gone out in public in your pajamas or slippers without realizing it?

Not without realizing it, but yes, I’ve done this. I try to remember to put a bra on first, at least. Wouldn’t want to scare any children.

5.Can you tell us about any challenges you met getting your first book published?

Oh ho! The stories they are legion. Let’s just say there are 2 pieces of advice that I’ve taken with marginal success: first be nice. Publishing is small and no matter how angry someone may make you, just smile and wave. The second, don’t query too early.

6.What has been the toughest criticism/best compliment given to you as an author?

The best compliment I’ve gotten is when someone says I can’t stop thinking about your book days later. That really means something to me, you know?

7. What is your favorite immortal?

Athena (I hope that’s what you meant).

8.Light or dark chocolate 


9.Favorite color 

10.Tea or coffee 

Coffee! There is nothing else!

11. What is your current project and when is your next release? 

My next release is tentatively scheduled for October of this year. It’s called UNTIL THERE WAS YOU and is about two active duty soldiers trying to put their pasts behind them and be willing to love one another.

12. Do you have any message to the readers?  

Thank you. Honestly, I love what I do. Nothing makes me happier than getting reader email telling me that my book made them laugh or cry. That’s the best!

And that's it folks...I hoped you enjoyed the interview and getting a little inside info of the one and only Jessica Scott!

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**Contest runs from 6/22-6/24** One (1) winner will receive a copy of BECAUSE OF YOU via Kindle or Nook. Available for Kindlegraph and OPEN TO INTERNATIONAL!!!!

Contest Qualifications:
1) Answer this question: Do you have your own Military Hero in your life? If not, who is your favorite fictional Military Hero?
2) Please comment below with your answer.
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  1. Blubber blubber, my son is in the army reserves. He has not deployed. His reasons for joining and his hard work make him a hero to me. We are so proud. And terrified.
    Thank you Jessica and your husband for your service.
    lisakhutson (at) {cox} [dot]

  2. Great interview! We have a hero in our family : one of my uncle is a bomb disposal expert in the Canadian Forces. It's a very dangerous job. I think he's awesome!
    Thanks for the chance to win Because of You!
    Kanya ;)

  3. My dad served in Korea, and of course, he's still my favorite military hero :) But there are a ton of fabulous fictional ones to love too--thanks for introducing us to Jessica's!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  4. My husband is in the process of joining the National Guard. And although he hasn't been enlisted yet, I would say he is my military hero. :)