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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Disenchanted by A.R. Miller

Disenchanted (Fey Creations)Reviewed by Desere Steenberg 

Oh my word did I love this book! It had it all mystery, suspense, action, yes it sounds like I am talking about some big time police case but this one had a added something that just made it all come together so stunningly,really no lies this book was incredible and had me hanging on the edge of the page with every word.

The author, this was my very first book by the way but the really talented A.R. Miller, really knows how to suck you into a world of spectacular emotion.

It actually felt as if I was one of the characters inside,the author so vividly described the scenes ,the emotions and mystery behind this fabulous read that at one stage I actually as if I myself was Fay and trying to get behind the mystery. Yes that is truly how emotional and powerful this book was.

And with a truly shocking and very unexpected twist of a ending that leaves room for so many more possibilities what more can one ask for!

The author added her true own unique touch to each and every page, letting you get just that little bit more closes to the mystery being revealed and then pulling away just enough to let you know that stopping and closing the book is simply not an option ,and I will definitely be coming back for more.

I was truly "enchanted" by this stunning read !

5/5 stars