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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jamais Vu by Monique O’Connor Jame

Jamais Vu

Review by Desere Steenberg

WOW WOW WOW ! This book was absolutely brilliant ! I have before reading heard that the very first sentence will amaze and entrance you so badly that not reading the book after that will just not be a possibility and I thought yeah right that is going to happen ,I have never read a book that the first sentence does it for me it is usually after about the first 5-6 pages that it only manages to grab my full attention. I could not have been more wrong  

“ There is nothing easy about dying, not the act itself and certainly not coming back” is the opening sentence of this remarkable book. It tells the story of Darby who has a rather nice OK life going for her until she finds herself in the back of an ambulance staring at a man in light whispering “You will see them”. And then she gets sent back to earth !

Now I do not know about you but that to me would be downright scary and I for one would have no idea how to handle dying and then showing back up on earth alive with all these new and overwhelming thoughts. Not to mention a new found gift  that to some people might be more of a nightmare than a gift.

This book was such so emotional that it had me crying my eyes out ! It showed me a whole new side of the world of love, courage ,imagination and magic.

And seeing people die before it actually happens was so vividly written that I could picture it happening right in front of me ,the real trick off course being can Darby save them before it is too late?

The ending was a true touch of wonder .I recommend this book and author to any fan of reading!

Until then remember that someday you might come face to face with your own little touch of Jamais Vu.

5/5 star review 

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