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Monday, June 18, 2012

~~The Diplomats Daughter-by Liz Crowe~~

The Diplomats Daughter has firmly put Liz Crowe on The Diplomats Daughter has firmly put Liz Crowe on my TBR author list. She has a talent for being able to develop her characters really well within her short stories, and investing her readers in the outcome. The heroine, Vivian, is a spunky girl unwilling to repress her wild streak, and finds just the way to exercise her rebellious streak the size of Texas; in garnering a friendship with a son of one of her fathers servants. The hero, Levent, calls to my heart with his need to make himself better and worthy in the eyes of Vivian and especially Vivian's father.
The last person Vivian Kincaid expected to see when attending the University her father foisted her upon is the one person she thought never to see again, and was forbid by her father to associate with. Levent Deniz, the servant boy who made her childhood in Turkey bearable. Together they had run the streets and formed an unbreakable bond, only to be forced apart after his parents find out about their shenanigans when Levent is injured on their latest escapade.

As adults fate has seen to it that their paths shall meet up again. Unfortunately Vivian's father has decided her future for her, and is planning to marry her to a man of his choosing regardless of her wishes. Even though Levent has made himself a wealthy successful man Vivian's father cannot overcome his prejudice against the man he considers to be of a lower class, and he still will not give his blessing for Vivian and Levent to be together. Instead he tries to force Vivian into marriage with his chosen suitor.

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