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Friday, June 15, 2012

Goalie Interference by Emily Cale & Angela S Stone

One Night Stand, now there’s a thought. Well, many thoughts run thru my head when I think about this stellar collection of stories, but who’s counting? I won’t, you won’t because we both know every now and then, a little mystery mixed with pleasure won’t hurt anyone. And I for once, would love to have the help of 1 Night Stand service, wouldn’t you?

But if you’re a hockey player, will the game of mystery hurt you more or the puck will? Well, that’s what TJ and Scott will have to find out for themselves. Both star players within their own teams, TJ was set up by her friend Natalie for a 1 Night Stand, courtesy of Madame Eve’s dating service. Lacking a personal life and love life, Natalie feels that it’s her responsibility to keep TJ from being deprived of sexual pleasure, even though TJ is surrounded by men 8 hours a day.  Not to mention their displays of testosterone on and off the ice. But as one of the star goalie on the team, TJ feels she has something to prove, especially to show the team that she is one of the guys. Not an object to be gawked at or asked out due to her physical appearance.

So what about Scott? As the team captain, Scott takes his games very seriously, during game and practices. But there is a sore spot in Scott’s heart that only his closes friends would know. His exact words, he’s done with the puck bunnies due to this ex-girlfriend betrayal. But that didn’t stop his friends from setting him up on a blind date, to be exact a 1 night stand.  Hey! We all know boys will be boys, so with a little arm twisting, Scott found himself in front of the Castillo Montreal Resort. Now the game is on and it’s the battle of the sexes. Who will come out on top and who will go home with victory?

Explosion between the sheets, sparks shooting everywhere, Scott and TJ will make you fall in love with them as the pages turn. And if that’s not enough for you, check out other books by Emily and Angela, your cheeks will blush delightfully.  

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