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Monday, February 27, 2017

5/5 Review: Wake a Sleeping Tiger by Lora Leigh

How many authors can say they are 30+ books into a series and they still have that magic touch? Lora Leigh certainly can.  Her latest novel, When a Sleeping Tiger Wakes is wonderfully written, still drawing us into a place where we can’t let go until the end. 

In this story, Cullen Maverick and Chelsea Martinez are our newest and hottest mates to be.  Although they are newer to our community than others we have heard of them in earlier books.  Cullen is the twin to Graeme, a primal who borders with sanity every day.  After Cullen helped his twin secure his mate they needed to change their names; Cullen (Judd) and Graeme (Gideon) were born in the hopes both of them could leave their past behind them.

Chelsea has always had her family looking out for her, even when she doesn’t want it.  Working with Cullen at the Navajo Covert Law Enforcement Agency she had hoped to form some independence and show everyone how good she really is.  Cullen has other ideas that make her feel smothered and leaves her with no choice but to leave which is when everything changes.

Cullen has always known he is a recessive breed, but when Chelsea is placed in danger the animal inside decides that it’s time to show the world, especially those out for his mate exactly who he is.  To make a relationship work you need compromise.  The question is can Chelsea and Cullen learn to compromise their protective/independent identities before they lose something far more important. 
Together Cullen and Chelsea make this story sizzle and with the added comedy from Graeme this book is hard to put down.  Recommended to anyone who wants a great read!

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