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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

5/5 Review: Every Dark Corner by Karen Rose

When FBI Special Agent Griffin "Decker" Davenport opens his eyes after several days in a coma, there is unfinished business still on his mind. Decker's on the cusp of discovering the mastermind behind a human trafficking case, and he and his partner, Special Agent Kate Coppola, are determined to bring the perpetrator to justice. And they’re about to get a surprising new lead from a very unlikely source.

Eighteen-year-old Mallory Martin and her little sister, Macy, were the victims of an illegal adoption—sold by their addict mother for drugs. But their “benefactor” is not who everyone thinks he is. Mallory has never told his secrets before—the danger to her and her sister has always been too great. But everyone has a limit to what they can endure...


Every Dark Corner by Karen Rose is the 3rd book in the Cincinnati Series.  This can be read as a standalone but why would you want to.  This book deals with a lot of issues from abuse to child pornography and more.  I can honestly say this story was hard for me to read.  I cried during so many parts of this story that my vision was constantly blurred.  It is horrifying to read a story like this but it pulls you in because it brings into light so many issue we do not think about on a daily basis yet for others they experience it their whole lives. 
Kate and Decker have a strong connection from the beginning.  They formed a bond that is so rare to find.  They both have troubled pasts.  This is one of the reasons their bond is so strong because not only have they been through traumatic experiences, they came out of it as survivors. 
Mallory is an 18-year-old girl living with a man who has abused her since childhood.  Being forced into child pornography, rape, physical and mental abuse are just a few of the horrendous things she has been exposed to.  She stays in order to protect her sister but she can’t keep quiet anymore.  She resolves to go to the police and expose the man she’s been held captive by for so long.  Her struggles had me in tears from the beginning.

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