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Monday, February 27, 2017

4/5 Review: Sinner by Eve Langlais

Sinner is the second book in Eve Langlais’s Space Chronicles.  I haven’t read the first book (which will be rectified shortly) but I didn’t have any issues understanding the story line or felt like something was missing.

The story is filled with twists which are amazing.  You think you know what is going to happen and then next …. wham; it’s completely different.  I laughed, wanted to kill people and was on the edge of my seat in my places but loved the book all the same.

Until I read the blurb I thought we would have been introduced/followed another couple but in fact it’s a continuation of Rafe and Emma.  The book begins with a very disorientated Rafe who has forgotten who he is.  While he tries to remember what has happened and who he truly is Emma has found her own adventure.  What would adventure be without getting into some sort of trouble; Emma finds herself being auctioned off to the highest bidder.

This book has everything you could ask for; romance, sexy main characters, bad guys, mischief and mayhem and that cute little addiction of not being able to put the book down until its finished.

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