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Monday, February 27, 2017

4.5 Review: Wolfe Unleashed by Paige Tyler

This is my first Paige Tyler book.  Although this is written as a standalone, I had a bit of difficulty getting into it at first not knowing the characters.  However, once I let it go - I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The book is fast paced, full of action, romance, and oh yeah - WEREWOLVES!

In this one, get to meet Alex Trevino, he is a member of the Dallas SWAT unit.  (oh yeah, they are all were!)  He has stood on the sideline watching his team, his brothers, his packmates - find their soulmates (one).  When he takes a dog that he rescued to the vet - boom he meets her.  He wasn't really looking but he knows something is different about her.  Lacey is off of men after being blindsided by her ex.  She has been focusing on her career and is definitely not looking for a man.  She doesn't understand the pull he has on her either.

I have to say with all the action, the romance is just a sprinkle throughout.  The plot twists and suspense are center court.  Dog fighting, drug running and then Lacey's younger sister disappears along with several other college coed's.  It's an action filled ride from start to finish.  Just, when you think it's over - boom there is more!

Ms. Tyler's characters are superb!  Her writing is plot driven and will keep you turning pages to figure out who the bad guys are and if the team is going to solve it in time.  Add the paranormal romance and the spice that can only be were.  It is a wonderful book.  If you like paranormal romance, with a great action packed story.  I highly recommend this one!

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