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Monday, February 27, 2017

4/5 Review: SEAL's Deliverance by Elle James

Elle James brings us another installment of the Take No Prisoner's series! I haven't read the previous ones so I can say yes it stands okay on it's own. Of course, I want to read the other 8 now! I kind of wish I had so I can see how the extended family of characters interacted before to see what growth and changes they have been going through. This one has the members of SEAL team 10 fighting at home instead of abroad. This is mostly Ray Thompson's (Sting Ray) story. I understand that the supporting characters are weaved throughout the series.

Sting Ray, along with other members of the team, took part in taking down a factory that was manufacturing bio weapons. Sting Ray, Big Bird and Irish, all receive text messages threatening to them with losing someone they care about. Ray isn't so worried he is a loner just like his Uncle who lives on a remote ranch in Montana. When he can't reach his Uncle on his friends to check on him. They find him near death. The team comes together as a unit to solve the mystery as to who is after them and attempting to hurt what is theirs. 

When, Hank is called on because he is the closest SEAL to his Uncle - he drags his visiting sister, Lilly is on vacation from her job at the CDC. Hank drags her out of bed and uses her knowledge and skills to help isolate and find a cure for the biological weapon that the team's loved ones are exposed to. 

In true Ella James fashion, she weaves a story with a balance of suspense and romance. Her character's are well developed for a shorter story, her plot lines are tight and the ending took me by surprise. If you are in the market for a quick hot Military Romance with some action and suspense I highly recommend this one.

I am an independent reviewer for Bitten by Love.

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