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Monday, February 27, 2017

4/5 Review: Sweet Surrender by Liliana Hart

There is something amazing about Novellas that I can’t explain.  They are like little packages of the deepest yummiest chocolate you can find.  You bite into them and they just melt and become bliss.  Sweet Surrender: A MacKenzie Family Novella by Liliana Hart is no exception.

Liza Carmichael hasn’t been to Surrender in 12 years, but after great aunt’s death she has no choice but to return to settle the estate, which include the bakery store.  Grant Boone is a retired Lieutenant who is at a cross road in his life when he decides to take a friend up on their offer to stay with there in Surrender for a few weeks.

Both Liza and Grant are amazing in their portrayal of each character and Liliana Hart has done an exceptional job bringing them to life.  You can’t help but feel for both of them as their stories unfold and the chemistry between them is at melting point.

It’s not just a basic romance though, it has surprises that you don’t expect.  At one point I wondered if we were even going to get a happy ever after.  They both need to learn to trust in love again and fight against a common bad guy to be able to enjoy the true life they deserve.

Awesome book for a quiet night in to unwind and enjoy some true romance with a twist.

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