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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Review: Shadow's Pleasure by Molle McGregor


Sorcha is a tracker but has lead a life inside the Sanctuary.  Her mentor Steven is bad news. It took her a while to figure out what he was doing to her but she was able to fight through.  She wants out of the Sanctuary and tracking the three missing Shadows is her way out.  Shadows and Warders were created to fight the Vorati.  She wants to do just that. She wants to use her powers for the greater good not for personal gain.

Kiernan is a solider and has always fought to keep the humans safe.  He volunteers to go with Sorcha to rescue the Shadows.  Their journey is not an easy one and all the twist and turns are hard on them.  They fall in love and bond.

Can Kiernan let Sorcha do what she needs to find the girls?  Can there bond remain in tact? I can't express enough how much I love this series. The supernatural structure and the storyline is so captivating that I can't wait to turn to the next page. It consumed me so much that I stayed up late just to finish the book because I couldn't put it down!
If you have not read any books by Molle McGregor, then start with her Free prequel to the Shadow Warder series, that's how I started it. 
Happy Reading!


Shadow's Pleasure is Book Two in the Urban Fantasy/Supernatural Romance Series: The Shadow Warders 

Brought together by circumstance. Bound together by chance. Despite the danger, passions ignite...

Sequestered for over ten years and manipulated by those that were supposed to love and protect her, Sorcha wants nothing more than her freedom. When her childhood friend and two other Shadows are kidnapped and held by a sadistic Director hell-bent on changing the very nature of their existence, Sorcha knows it’s past time to escape. With the help of the sinfully sexy Kiernan Black, she finally gains her independence, but the depths of her passion for the Warder may be more dangerous than the mission to save her friends.

As a Warder, Kiernan Black has never turned his back on an innocent. So when one of his own is working with a demon to brutalize innocent Shadows, he knows he must save them. With the beautiful, brave, and infuriatingly stubborn Sorcha Davis as his partner, he embarks on what might be the most dangerous mission of his life. But if he can find a way to make the fiery Shadow his along the way, the rewards could outweigh the risks.

Read the prequel novella (Shadow's Passion) for FREE at

If you love magic, psychics, demons, tons of action, urban fantasy & paranormal romance, this series is right for you. Recommended for ages 17+ due to the adult nature of the romantic elements. (Meaning, it's not erotica but the love scenes are pretty steamy!)

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