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Monday, May 4, 2015

Release: The Cathouse Series: Tremaine & Paul


The Cathouse is for men and women looking to fulfill their sexual fantasies.

Meet Tremaine and Paul

Paul Banner met and instantly started to crush on Kitten Tremaine, a Jamaican beauty. As time progressed, he enjoyed her company so much he did what it took to make sure she became his exclusively.

Tremaine played along but knew exclusive only meant that when Paul wanted to spend time with her in her room at the Cathouse, she had to be available.

Paul was an endearing man. Deep down Tremaine wanted to believe that a man in her life wanted her, as much as she needed to be wanted, and yet, she knew it was only a fantasy.

But, what if someone offers you everything you ever wanted?

Book Teaser:

Paul got on the bed, leaned in close and instead of continuing what Tremaine thought he would do, he slid himself sideways and pulled her into an embrace.
“Talk to me Tremaine. What’s wrong?” He inquired.

She snuggled into his arms. “You are a beautiful man Paul Banner, but we are not here to talk about me.”

He grew agitated. “Well, if we must go there, then it is my dime Tremaine, and I can do whatever the hell I want. Now tell me.”


Taabia’s Website & Blog& Twitter:

School of Erotic Dreams –
Twitter - @1Erotica4U

Other books:

Amazon Bestseller Jessica’s Obsession Print Copy:

Author Bio:

Amazon Bestseller Author Taabia Dupree was born in the United States and grew up on the Eastern Seaboard. Her love of books and anything with words came from her parents. As a young person, Taabia read anything she could get her hands on, from cereal boxes, to the Encyclopedia Britannica, to the National Geographic, to the business section of the local newspaper. Yet some of her favorite reads came from writers; L'Amour, Tolstoy, Eddings, Tolkien, Hugo, Wright, Dickens, and Hemingway.

In 1999, Taabia started writing erotic fantasy stories for online story groups. She self-published her first erotic story in 2011.

Today, Taabia Dupree writes poetry and erotic short stories. Her books can be found in several genres, including coming of age, mystery & psychological-thrillers, fantasy, and paranormal. She's currently working on a crime novella and a sci-fi fantasy novella.

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