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Saturday, May 2, 2015

3rd Annual Bloggoversary Final Giveaway!!!

Featured Author: Tigris Eden

“How did that make you feel?” A voice she knew all too well whispered into her ear.
             Is he really here? Nerina thought to herself. There was no way that Victor was here in the club, right now, talking to her, and asking her the ridiculous question of how did that scene make her feel. Was he stupid or something?
             Turning to face her tormentor, she glared up at him making sure he saw her displeasure at him sneaking up on her.
             “Don’t you have anything better to do with your time, than harass me?”
             “Who said I’m here to see you?”
             “Who says you aren’t?”
             “I do.”
             Great, they were going to spare verbally with the one another until one of them gave in. Well, it wasn’t going to be her.
             “Whatever, I’m here with friends, so, later.”
             He almost reached for her arm, the one with the silver bracelets that covered her scars, but seemed to think better of it.
             “How about a dance?”
             Was this guy for real? Nerina thought to herself. He had no problems displaying his apt dis-like of her disfigurement, and now he wanted to dance?
             Victor was a big man and she couldn’t see how he was going to dance with her, but if that’s what he wanted, then one dance wasn’t going to hurt anyone.
             “I wish you weren’t wearing that top.” He said out of nowhere as they swayed to the beat of the music.
             “Well, I wish you wouldn’t open your mouth to speak, but we can’t all have what we want.”
             Victor threw his head back and laughed. It was deep and melodious and shot straight to the core of her traitorous body.
             There was a gentle touch at the nape of her neck and Nerina almost bolted until she heard his brother Colin speak into her ear.
             “What do we have here?”
             “We’re having ourselves a dance Colin. Behave yourself,” Victor urged with a growl in his voice. She hadn’t realized before but not only was Victor vocal in the sense of grunts and growls, and a few rumbles, so were the rest of his family. Including Teak. Maybe it was a cultural thing, living in a small town. Communication was just as verbal as it was non-verbal so maybe those sounds meant something to them.
             “Wish she wasn’t wearing the death top man,” Colin commented as his hands went to the outside of her thighs to move her the way he wanted her to move. She didn’t protest, men tended to be touchy during dancing. As long as they both knew that’s all they were getting from her she was okay.
             “What’s with the two of you wanting me out of my top?”
             “Silver doesn’t look good on you is all. You should try gold, maybe even cooper, but silver? No silver just won’t do. It clashes with your skin tone.”
             Well that was definitely a first. Two men advising her on what not to wear and then suggesting what she should wear. Maybe they weren’t into girls. Her mouth cracked into a grin she couldn’t hide, and Victor leaned forward so that his breath caressed her cheek as he whispered in her ear.
             “Why are you smiling?”
             “No reason, I just didn’t realize you two were gay is all.”
             Victor’s back straightened and he stopped moving to stare down at her with an arched brow. His brother Colin tightened his hold at her thigh, almost painfully.
             “We’re not gay.” Victor said with disgust. She knew they weren’t gay, but she’d said it anyway, so he could see how it felt.
             “You got something against gay people? Or is it all people you view as different or beneath you?”
             His growl was almost as loud as the music. Nerina stepped out of Colin’s grip so that she could look both brothers in the face.
             “Who in the hell gave you the idea that we’re remotely like that?” Colin asked with a sour look on his face.
             She looked in Victor’s direction, who was still staring at her as if she’d said something totally out of character. It wasn’t like he really knew her anyway, so he’d have no clue that on any given day, she always spoke her mind.
             “Your brother took one look at me and made an assumption. So I made my own. It doesn’t feel good to have people assume does it?”
             “I was taken off guard is all.”
             “By what? I’m like you and anyone else, I just happen to have a disability. You took one look at my hand and you literally sneered.”
             “I did no such thing.”
             “You did.” She insisted. “How about we cut the dance short, and go our separate way.”
             “Great going dip-shit. You just ruined my chance to get fresh with her.” Colin chimed in.
             Victor growled again. This time at his brother Colin who was smiling.
             She started to back away but Victor apparently had more to say.
             “Introduce us.”
             “To who?”
             “Your friends.”
             “Not happening, go find someone else to dance with.”
             She did not want him or his brother meeting her friends.


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