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Friday, January 3, 2014

Wild Hearts by Tina Wainscott

On as good day as a Navy Seal, you save a life, protect a freedom, stop a killer and on a bad day… well you don’t get to have a bad day. But then one Seal team does. Five impeccably trained solders-used to danger, unafraid of death- are sent into a black ops assignment where no one knows the full story of deceit and deception. The situation gets ugly. The press gets wind. Someone has to take the fall and when these five Seals fall they fall hard.

I really enjoyed this book. It was very fun to read. The characters were well explained and played out in the book. The author took time to give details in each part of the book. I think that it was well written and makes me want to read more books by Tina.

I really like the part where they are in the room and he is handcuffed and she says that she does not have a condom, so he tells her to go and get one from his brother and when she is gone he escapes and climbs out onto the balcony and jumps to get away. I like the fact that when they are talking as a family about his trip to Mexico and he sticks to his guns about not telling them any information that is classified; it really makes me think that is the way it really is. I would recommend this book for all readers.

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