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Friday, January 3, 2014

Guilty Pleasure by Manuela Cardiga

I will be honest when I got this book, I was sure that I wouldn't enjoy it.  I was so very wrong.  I am glad that I got it and that I enjoyed it so much.  I know want to read more books by this author.  Guilty Pleasures is a theme restaurant that only does private parties.  Lance is a writer and a sex therapist. He is approached by Millicent's mom to impregnate her daughter.  This the answer to Lance's money problems.  Lance changes all his old ways just to get Millie to even notice him.  He takes a job at Guilty Pleasures to be close to Millie.  The problem that he never saw coming was falling in love with Millie.  Now he is stuck between loving Millie and the arrangement that he made with Millie's mom.

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