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Friday, January 10, 2014

Her Sexiest Mistake by Jill Shalvis

Trusting the heart is the most sensual risk of all

With a fab career, a salary that keeps her in her favorite designers, and her own condo, Mia Appleby has everything she dreamed of as a poor little girl gazing out the window of her mom's trailer. Her old life is completely gone. That is until she has a one-night stand with her handsome new neighbor, Kevin McNight. She ends it before she totally falls for him. But Kevin isn't like other men and won't let Mia off that easy. And neither will her runaway Goth niece, Hope, who inconveniently shows up at her doorstep with hopes for a new life. Now, Mia must keep her new fan club at a safe distance-before they burst her fairytale fa├žade.

I loved this story. The premise was cute, but after I got to know the characters, I found myself rooting for each of them with no thought to the outcome of the competition. I loved the interaction between Mia and Kevin and the steamy,hot sex they had. It was also nice to see Mia become comfortable about her upbringing.

The developing relationship between Mia and Hope was particularly touching and Mike mature was great. Although Kevin was a good and caring man, he went completely overboard in his role as guardian to Mike but it was nice that he recognized that he needed to correct the mistakes that were made. His learning to accept that his goals were not their goals was a touching thing to see and I cheered his character growth on this point and impatiently waited to see if he could get past his personal stumbling block to a satisfying relationship with Mike.

This book grabbed me within the first three chapters and hung on right to the end. Pick up a copy for yourself and see if you don't agree that it's a satisfying and rewarding read. Kudos to Jill Shalvis for another well written book.

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