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Friday, January 10, 2014

Kiss of the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon


Fabled. Mystical. Golden, Mysterious. Glorious and magical. There are those who claim it never was. But come, fair ones, and listen to me tell a tale about the history of the most perfect paradise that ever existed. Beyond the mythical Pillars of Heracles, out in the great Aegean Sea, was a once proud land that nourished a race of people far more advanced than any who came before or since. Founded in the ancient mists of time by the primordial god Archon, Atlantis took her name from Archon’s eldest sister, Atlantia, whose name meant “graceful beauty” heartbroken, Apollo, without thought, cursed all of his once chosen race. “A plague to all who are Apollite born. May you reap all you have sown this day. You shall perish painfully on the day of your 27th birthday. Let you find your nourishment solely in the blood of your own kind. And never again will you be able to walk in my realm where I will see you and be forced to remember what it is that you did to betray me.” 

What once was beautiful is no longer flourished. Atlantis has lost its essence when a selfish Greek god got greedy and cursed his own people to a fatal fate. One that caused a deadly turning point for all civilizations, Atlantean, Greecian, and mortal alike. A curse that rooted so deep, Apollo had damned himself to extinction. You see, he’s the sun god, in his hands hold the balance of the universe. But not all hope is lost, the last surviving heir to the bloodline is still alive...and hunted.

Cassandra Peters is half Apollite and half human. As a hybrid, she knows she’s more Apollite than human, and that her fate was sealed the day she was born. She just doesn’t want to accept it. She’s only 26, still full of life and dreams. She wants to go on dates, fall in love, and have her own family with children to raise, to call her own. She understands her duty to the bloodline but how can she brings her children into this world and not able to see them grow up? Life is just not fair as far as Cassie is concerned. Not all Apollite are soul-sucking creatures, why was she damned to this life when she’s never asked for it? Unable to live among Apollite, not able to maintain a relationship with human, and then there’s the Daimons…what a girl to do? Hell, at this point she’s probably better off committing suicide. Or better yet, pick up a bow and arrows and start shooting at anything that lurk in the shadow at night, things that bare fangs and feeding off on human.

Damn daimons, they just don’t learn when to quit when a Dark Hunter is near. Wulf Tryggvason is getting restless of his existence. As a Viking, he’s used to war and endless battles. But for the last few centuries, killing daimons has lost its taste. They don’t seem to put much of a fight anymore and so where’s the challenge in that? What he needs and itching for is a good fight, and fight where he can get all the aggression out of him. And as luck would have it, what he wanted is about to come in full force, dark, dangerous, and fiery. As his friend and fellow Dark Hunter, Talon would say “you’ll get what you wished for”. ..and more. So maybe Wulf had asked more than he can chew, but there’s no way in hell he won’t take his destiny into his own hands. The Fates be damned!  

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