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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tes Hilarie Interview

Interview Questions

What is one of your favorite Myths/legends to write about?

Tes: Besides my love of the Paladin warriors? Well… I also have a thing for some of the Greek mythology. In fact, I have a young adult novel, Fifteen Forever, that takes a twist on the Pandora legend in a modern day setting.

If you could live back in time, what time period would you choose and why?

Tes: I have to admit, if I visit the historical shelves, my hands always gravitate towards those hunky highland, tartan-clad warriors. But would I want to live in that time? Uh, no… I love my indoor plumbing too much. And heat, I definitely like a consistent, somewhere well above freezing, heating arrangement. Now traveling forward in time? That’s something I might be very interested in doing :-)

Have you ever come across a song that might fit the theme of one of your books?

Tes: Hmmm… I think I more have character songs. Iris by Goo Goo Dolls, Uninvited by Alanis Morrisette, Demons by Imagine Dragons, Hurt by Johnny Cash… I’ll let you try and guess who belongs to each song :-)

Do you remember what you felt when you had your first kiss?

Tes: I remember feeling clumsy and excited. I think clumsy won though! LOL!

What was the most creative pick up line you've ever used on someone or someone used on you?

Tes: "Did you happen to lose some earrings?" Okay… it doesn’t sound all that awesome, but it worked for my husband! We had been working together on a college project and he happened to find some earrings, which turned into a great excuse for him to talk to me later outside of the school setting…and well, the rest is history ;-)

When writing do you have a playlist of music you like to listen to? What are a couple songs on it?

Tes: I have a whole list of songs that I listen to while writing the Paladin novels. Lots of Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, some One Republic, Mumford & Sons, and then throw in some heavy stuff like Nine Inch Nails for good measure.

What do you do when you think nobody is watching?

Tes: READ! It’s my guilty pleasure. Not that reading isn’t wonderful, but with the amount I read, my husband thinks I am an addict. ;-)

What was your favorite childhood book?

Tes: Naming a favorite is hard so I’ll name the one that first touched the little bit of me that wanted to be a writer: The Secret Garden.

What is your favorite addition to chocolate?

Tes: Chocolate and toasted hazelnut coffee.

What does your husband/significant other say about your writing erotic stories? What about your family and/or do they read your books?

Tes: My hubby thinks it’s great. He’s always offering to help with the research *rolls eyes.* My kids just know mom writes "books for adults." My mother, on the other hand… well she loves my stories, just wishes there was more closed door scenes…like all of them!

Besides your own, what is one of your favorite series to keep up with?

Tes: My go-to series tend to be urban fantasy ones: Mercy Thompson, Kate Daniels, MacKayla Lane…to name a few.

What do you think you would be doing if you weren't writing?

Tes: At this stage in my life, with the kids the ages they are, I would probably be even crazier into things like PTO and volunteering at the school. I might also cook more "from scratch" meals and do more homey crafts. Laundry though, can wait!

Do you have any hobbies or activities you enjoy doing?

Tes: I love to hike, kayak, quilt, cook, scrapbook…to name a few. I try and make time for the healthier hobbies simply because I feel they are important, but the crafty hobbies take up too much time that I don’t have.

What is something you do to de-stress?

Tes: I recently began taking taekwondo with my kids. I was spending so much time sitting watching them that I decided I could make better use of the time by joining them! It’s been a great stress reliever and is definitely good for me.

We all know about muses...what do you think inspires you to allow your creative juices flowing?

Tes: For me, I think it’s an empty house and my writing playlist. If people are around, I find it very difficult to get into the groove. Even if no one is currently demanding my time, I just know that the demand is coming. That said, I can’t really create in a quiet house. There are too many real world distractions…the dishes on the counter, the clothes in the dryer, the thin (okay… thin for me) layer of dust on my shelf. I find that a good playlist is the cureall for these real world woes, helping me to block out the things I should be doing to escape with my muse into my creative world. :-)

10 Fun Facts (please list 10 things the fans don't know)

1. I was the girl with the tangled hair and the scraped knees

2. I believe in ghosts

3. I’m afraid of cars, yet always want to be the one who drives

4. Pineapples and strawberries make my tongue swell up

5. I craved chocolate covered strawberries all through my second pregnancy

6. I once wanted to run a pet hotel

7. All my pet’s names start with S…

8. And all my kid’s names end with the sound "in"

9. I dream of being a kick-ass heroine

10. and I still sneak under the covers with my book and flashlight to read late into the night


It's Forbidden for a Warrior of the Light to Love a Creature of the Dark...

Valin has never quite fit in with the rest of the Paladin warriors. His power to manipulate shadow has always put him at odds with their purpose of using heavenly Light to eradicate evil. His warrior brothers have no idea how close he is to being lost to his dark nature.

But Maybe He Was Never All That Light to Begin With...

When Valin meets the vampire Gabriella, she awakens within him something he thought long buried. But as he watched Gabriella's need for vengeance to drag her down into the same dark hell that he's living, he knows his only chance at redemption is bringing her out of the dark...


Daphne Award-winning author and former Tennessee native Tes Hilaire doesn’t remember how old she was when she wrote her first story, but she’s pretty sure it had something to do with a boy and a girl and a happily ever after. Displaced at an early age to "the north country," her stories turned darker as she started creating whole new worlds to escape the harsh, upstate NY winters. Now back in the South, her stories remain edgy, exciting, and bring a hint of dark fantasy to paranormal romance. Best of all, no one ever has to shovel snow. For more, visit her website at follow her on Twitter, @TesHilaire, and find her on Facebook,

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  1. I took Taekwondo with my kids too. I loved sparring! Good luck getting your Black Belt! My family thinks I am addicted too. Just because they have to trip over boxes of books on the floor doesn't mean I am addicted...just enthusiastic .