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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Games Lovers Play by June Tate

When 19-year-old Connie Morgan falls for dashing young car mechanic and fledgling racing driver, Sam, she is anxious to end her adulterous relationship with her married boss, John Baker. But John isn't going to let her go that easily and, desperate not to lose Sam, Connie finds herself playing a dangerous game.

This is the first book that I have read by June Tate and I was impressed by such a sweet and simple story. This is perfect little summer read, as the cover and title promise, June Tates's Games Lovers Play delivers an engaging story that can be read by the lake or pool, Reading this book you feel like you are back in time where life was mush simpler. Now with that said this book is not all plain sailing, but with a few giant waves in the way for our leading characters to overcome. With a touch of crime added to the plot this is a really entertaining and enjoyable read from June Tate. 

I enjoyed this book. I thought the flow of the story was very smooth, the characters fully fleshed and well developed, and the story line interesting. I liked that it was told from the perspective of several different characters, so you felt like you knew why each person made the decision's that they made. I will definitely be reading more books by Ms.Tate.

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