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Monday, December 2, 2013

Drawn Together by Lauren Dane

I loved this book, I mean how can you not.  Then again I love tattoos.  This was the first book that I have ever ready by Lauren Dane and it will not be my last.  That is how much I enjoyed the book.  When you want to reach through the pages and hug and comfort someone, it means the author is not one to be missed.

Raven Smith is a tattoo artist that had a crappy life growing up.  She was a orphan and even members of her extended family and neither did her foster parents.  This made it very hard to fully trust someone or to let them into her heart.  Jonah Warner came to Raven to Raven to get a tattoo on his back of a wolf.  He began to fall in love with Raven.  Raven began to slowly let Jonah into her heart.  When Raven's past comes to the present Jonah doesn't run.  He stays right by her side facing it together.

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