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Monday, December 30, 2013

Douglas by Grace Burrowes

I loved that both of these characters are so guarded as it makes for such an emotional read. While both Gwen and Douglas are reserved in no way did I find them off-putting in fact I was more intrigued by their natures than if they were easily readable. Little Rose stole my heart from the moment she took Douglas’s hand and he had already garnered it when he rescued the young damsel in distress. I usually prefer one of the leading couple to be more flamboyant or exuberant yet these two are perfect for each other and their personalities seem so well matched that I cannot see either of them being with anyone else. I enjoyed catching up with characters I’d met in earlier works and as always I look forward to reading the stories of those I’ve not yet had the pleasure. Grace Burrowes is quickly becoming one of my favorite Regency authors! Her style is distinctive and the wit and humor she writes with has definitely seated her on my must-read list.

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