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Monday, December 30, 2013

Take Over at Midnight by M.L. Buchhman

Chief Warrant Officer Lola LaRue, determined to succeed as a helicopter pilot, joins a Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) base in Bati, Pakistan, where she meets several fan-favorite characters who paired off in previous books. Just as she’s wondering whether all the men on base are already taken, she encounters Sgt. Tim Maloney. The desert heat has nothing on this duo, and soon Lola is fighting against her own lust and Tim’s intense romantic attentions. As only the second woman to qualify as a SOAR pilot, Lola wants to focus all her attention on proving herself worthy of flying alongside the legendary Beale, but she can’t keep her hands off Tim. Dangerous top-secret missions and sizzling love scenes lead to a satisfying conclusion that hints at a possible civilian-side spin-off series to come.
I really liked how Lola was developed as a character. She had herself a really harsh beginning and it's not every day you see a character raised pretty much by a brothel house's cook without being encouraged toward the lifestyle herself. I also really admired that Lola considered it, but then the author allowed the natural time line to influence what happens (9/11, specifically) and what she decides to do with her life. And, as an aside, her father utterly deserves whatever torture he's put through in this life and the next. She also has a lovely little problem with Kee Stevenson from the last book I read in the series, and I liked seeing little Dalya again. The little girl's certainly growing up and proving herself smart as can be.
Tim - he's a hoot. He's got a fabulous family and really deserves his "crazy" moniker. He's not afraid to go after a woman, be the first one to own up to feelings, and to not utterly give up on one when she shoots him down. Oh, can't blame him for being hurt, and he was, buuuuut they also found their way to work through things.
I love the military aspect to this book. AMAZING! I love the amount of detail in these books and am amazed by the fact that all those details never get to be too much. I am not a detail or mechanical gal, but the military facts in these books are written to simple perfection. TONS about the mission and the mechanics of the helicopters, but it's interwoven into the story so incredibly well. The suspense part of this book was particularly well done. I really loved every single bit of it. Just a fabulous book!!

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