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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

His Dark Embrace by Amanda Ashley


Available June 2012

One touch and is all it takes, for author Amanda Ashley to grace us with another decadent twist of her blood thirsty, sexy alpha vampire book. Kaiden Thorne, who was turned by an ancient vampire seductress, is now hopeless in love with the girl next door. He who has walked in the dark for centuries, is now able to enjoy the sun light, food, and being a virile young man. Thanks to his magic tonic. Moreover, it helped him getting the attention of little Skylynn McNamara, the teenager across the street from him.

However, she's no longer the teenager he was lusting after. But Skylynn is now a full grown beautiful woman, whose blood is exotically sweet, tempting him in all directions. And just as everything in life, the tonic is running low and Kaiden is running out of time. Being caught in between worlds, Kaiden now have difficult choices to make. But only Skylynn will be able to save him now, and only Skylynn would be able to help Kaiden embrace his dakest desires.

Scandalizing addictive and incredibly romantic are the 2 main ingredients this book brought to my attention. Instantly, I was captivated by the sparks between Kaiden and Skylynn. What else made this book even better was Kaiden yearning to be human again. Despite the odds, he tried so hard to fit into Skylynn's world without her knowing, being there for her and loving her from a far. As a hopeless romantic, this book have brought a lot of the old fashioned gestures to my attention, I found that to be a fantastic idea the author had chosen. His Dark Embrace should be another must read and must have by the talented and wonderful Amanda Ashley. As a loyal reader, I have all of her books and have not been disappointed by any of them, past or present.

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