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Monday, April 23, 2012

Broken by Diane Alberts


Tiffany: A woman whose had the rough end of things in her personal life. Despite this, she helps countless soldiers with their struggles at Camp Pendleton. Deciding to take a chance, she uses 1NightStand in order to take a chance again on life.

Matt: An american soldier who expected death overseas and came back alive but scarred. Unable to use his legs, and already disappointed once by a woman who couldn't understand him. He's forced by his team to take this blind date, but isn't expecting much.

This is Rated R and fits into the Erotic Hero Romance Genre. Over 18 Only.

I have to say I was blown out of the water by this novel! With only forty-one pages, Diane Alberts gives us not only a good look at the men who fight for our freedom and the difficulties they face, but a novel that heats up the room. Having never read any of her books in this series or her others, I'm now an addicted reader. This novel definitely gives a good run for the saying that its quality not quantity that matters. Her characters come to life with very clear voices and it leaves the reader wanting more. Not only is this a wonderful book, but the dedication alone is enough to ensure you keep reading her. Be sure to read her other novels in the series 1NightStand, because I know I will. I'll leave you a little taste below this review.

“You’re so small, and dainty, but you looked ready to track her down and beat her to death. Maybe you should enlist in the Marines.”
“Hell no. Army brat all the way.”
“Blasphemy,” he said, wiping the tears from his cheeks. “God, Tiffany, I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. Or at all.”
Their gazes collided and they both froze. An invisible pull, some indescribable magnet, pulled them closer, even as it built up tension

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  1. You're welcome! I should be saying thank you for how wonderful that book was :)

  2. A must read on every bookshelf. Thank you Decadent Publish and author Diane Alberts for this great book. It holds so much heart. Keep up the great work Diane!