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Sunday, April 22, 2012

From Ashes to Flames By Allison Cassatta

Could not put this story down. Another fantastic read By Ms. Cassatta. She definitely never disappoints. This Story is about Archer who loses 'his heart'. It's a very emotional short read. I don't want put to much into this review since it is short I don't want to give anything away. Be aware, This is a m/m romance story there is some love scenes but the story is definitely worth reading.

Archer thought he'd have the fairytale life with the man of his dreams, until those dreams were torn from him by hateful words and a heart that didn't have the will to go on beating. He lost the man he loved, the man he'd been ready to make life's biggest commitment to, and Archer was left a broken, empty shell….

Until Phoenix came along and saved him.

Life started looking up for Archer. An angel had pulled him from the abyss and renewed his world, gave him hope and a new lease on life. But again, fate was cruel and Heaven's guard wanted to take his savior away. Only through the cruelest, most rigorous trials could Archer possibly see his angel again. Will they both be strong enough to survive?

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