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Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Demon Side by Heaven Leigh Eldeen

Etta: A teenage girl unlike any other. Not only can she see and hear demons, but is being stalked by at least one if not more of them. In between, she finds herself dealing with a loving Marine father and an alcoholic stepmother. The question becomes, whats a girl to do when both heaven and hell want her? 

Rahovart: A demon who is more then he seems. Trapped in a Victorian house that was built in Quantico, he spends most his time scaring off the owners of what he considers his property. Having killed off whole civilizations to amuse himself, Ra as he likes to be called will finally meet his match and discover a hidden past he knew nothing about. 


This book is PG 13 with a few disturbing themes and best fits the YA Christian Romance Genre.

This story is not just about the relationship Etta and Rahovart but the classic battles between good and evil in the form of angels and demons. I have to say my favorite character in this book was Etta. A teenage girl who despite all her many past and present issues, manages to be a feisty and stand out as a teenager capable of dealing with just about anything. Rahovart shone out in his role of being a demon with mysteries who couldn't figure out why Etta managed to not only get to know the real him underneath the claws but make him take a deeper look at himself.

I liked how Heaven Eldeen presented us with such a clear vision of what Heaven and Hell are to her, translating a battle that has been described in thousands of book over time with her voice. I will say this book left me wishing for a bit more character development on the part of the secondary characters (i.e angels, demons, dad and step mom) but overall I think the two main characters brought the story to life in a way that readers will have to find out for themselves. 

If you want to find out more, I have linked the authors page on this book below.

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