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Sunday, April 22, 2012

~~Darkness Undone-By Jessa Slade~~

**Darkness Undone is Book 4 in Jessa Slade's Marked Sould Series, but can definitely be read out of order as a stand alone. This book is my first step into Jessa's urban fantasy and it has it all~ Demons, humor, romance, and plenty of Kick*ss! Join Sidney and Alyce on their journey of self-discovery, passion and their part in the fight against evil. Prepare to meet up with an unlikely and bookish hero and a fragile appearing heroine who will hook you with her wit and strength.
~Sidney Westerbrook is a bookeeper for the Talyans who tries to observe from a distance as a good bookeeper is supposed to. He has been sent to Chicago to look into the rumor of Symballein bond within the Talyan league of Chicago, and prove himself worthy to step up in his father's place as London's Bookeeper . Unfortunately Sid has his work cut out for him considering the last bookeeper the Chicago Talyan had tried to destroy them with his own agenda. On Sid's first night in Chicago he decides to familiarize himself with his new town, but instead finds himself on the losing end of a fight against the ferales....That is until a tiny young waif shows up to save the day. Oh boy has he stepped into it this time. His savior, Alyce, will ensure he stays involved in her introduction to the Chicago Talyan League.

~Alyce is a Rogue Talyan *she is possessed by a Teshuva -a repentant demon* who has been on her own almost since possession. All she knows about herself is that she has a devil inside her, and has decided that she is crazy. This does not stop her from fighting the evils she sees and trying to save those she can. When her intuition leads her to the ally where Sid is losing his battle; her solitary world is turned upside down, because Sid knows what she is and is determined to help acclimate her into the Chicago League of the Talyan. Unable to deny the strange pull between them Alyce allows Sid to introduce her into the league.

~Sidney is finding it more and more difficult to maintain the distance between himself and the Talyans that bookeepers need as the bond between Alyce and himself grows. Female Talyans are rare, so the males in the League do not take kindly to that bond. The obstacles holding them apart seem insurmountable.......

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