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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

5/5 Review: Without Restraint by Angela Knight

The first novel in the explosive new Southern Shield series from New York Times bestselling author Angela Knight explores the intoxicating games between a female cop and a Navy SEAL—and the killer instincts of a secret enemy watching every move they make.
Atlanta deputy Alexis Rogers and Navy SEAL Frank Murphy know all about power and restraint, necessary force, and pushing their limits. When they meet in the darkness of a BDSM club, their skills are put to use. With each successive night comes a new adrenaline rush, and while they’re falling into something perilously close to love, their games are still too private, too extreme, and too daring ever to be exposed.

But their intimate lives are upended when a fellow deputy of Alex’s is killed. It’s not a tragic hazard of the job. It’s cold-blooded murder. And he’s not the last to be taken out. Now Alex and Frank have found themselves more vulnerable than ever—and exposed to a killer with a twisted vendetta who turns desire into the most dangerous sensation of all.
What a story.  The level of detail and the style of writing is incredibly done.  It definitely feels as if the events are happening in a longer time span than it actually is.  The love Alex and Frank find in each other makes people hope to find something similar.  They have a steamy connection that leaves the reader squirming in their seats. 
Alex and Frank, a former Seal, are both on the local police force.  A cop killer is targeting those close to Alex but she doesn't know why.  With her life on the line Frank will do anything in his power to keep her alive and by his side.  What a revelation it was for both Alex and Frank when it came to light who was doing the killing.  It was an amazing journey to follow as they fell in love, protected each other and fought against the monster trying to come between what they have.  I cried at some points in the book and squirmed in others.  This was a very well written book that I would recommend to those who love mystery and romance.  There are scenes that contain BDSM, which I personally love to read.  I can't wait to read more of Angela Knight's work.


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