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Monday, September 14, 2015

5/5 Review: Playing Dirty by Tiffany Snow

What a way to tell a tale of a love triangle. This was an amazing read that had the events planned out as not to appear hurried or slow paced but just right. It filled with action, sexy-to-the-max kind of reading. The underlying mystery is smart and will keep you guessing to the last chapter. I cannot imaging being in the type of situation Sage is in. To be in love with two men such as Dean and Parker has definitely got to be both grand and painful. (sharing - Night Owl

The way the story left me with a huge cliffhanger did leave me upset but in a good way. That was truly a riveting way to end the story.  I cannot wait for the next book to come out to see how all of this will get resolved. I feel for all three. I am in love with all three and cannot make up my mind as to who Sage should end up with. To have to deal with that and find out an important secret your father has been keeping from you must be very overwhelming. Tiffany Snow did a great job with this story. She has definitely left me wanting more and more. What is going to happen next????? I can't wait to find out. (BBL Reviews)

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