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Friday, March 14, 2014

Review: What the Groom wants by Jade Lee

Wendy Drew, co-owner of A Lady’s Favor dress shop, is working at a gambling den to help pay off a relative’s debt when she catches the eye of the den’s owner. Wendy is attracted to his dark, dangerous ways, but she has no idea how far he’ll go to make her his.
Seaman Jacob Teel has been in love with Wendy from the first time he met her. Now he’s home, done with the seafaring life, and has recently inherited a Welsh title. Finally, he can court Wendy for real—if he only he knew about his deadly competition.

Whenever I pick up an historical romance by Jade Lee I know that I’m in for some grand entertainment and this story was no exception. With an almost gothic-style to the adventure and the fact that the lead couple were closer to working-class than high class, straight away it has a different feel. I found this one to be a bit more intense than previous books I've read by the author yet no less entertaining. I loved how tender the hero was; as if he were a bright light and I lost my heart to him easily. Wendy is a strong heroine who makes a very lasting impression and I also got to meet a few other interesting characters so I already have another story to read and enjoy. If you are looking for a load of fun and passion, you'll get it here with a roller-coaster of adventure.

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