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Monday, March 10, 2014

Review: Real Vampires Know Size Matters by Gerry Bartlett

In the latest novel from national bestselling author Gerry Bartlett, curvaceous vampire Glory St. Clair has to figure how to compete with the wiles of a witchy woman...

Just when Glory has her life semi–on track, a woman from her longtime lover Jeremiah Campbell’s past steamrolls into town on a mission to win him back. Normally Glory wouldn’t feel threatened by a mortal with amorous intentions, but Jerry’s ex just happens to be a beautiful voodoo priestess with evil spirits at her beck and call—and a serious lack of conscience when it comes to getting what she wants.

And then there’s Glory’s family. After a lifetime of being MIA, Glory’s mom wants to go on a mother-daughter bonding trip to Olympus, home of the gods. And though Glory doesn’t trust her, her mother is offering to help with her pesky voodoo-woman problem. But with no guarantee of a return trip, can Glory dare leave Jerry alone while she visits a place where her less-than-perfect figure won’t be appreciated and time has no meaning? But size and the bonds of time are the least of her worries when love is on the line… 

I love Gerry Bartlett's Glory St. Clair (Real Vampires) series. The characters she has created are so much fun! Glory is so relatable. She curvy and isn't happy with the way she looks - as many of us aren't. Unfortunately for her, being a vampire, she's stuck that way. She's also always on a budget which is hard for her because she has expensive taste. I SO relate to that feeling!!
Glory grows on you. I like that she is not the typical thin heroine and has plenty of curves. Glory is a bit self-conscious about her looks and mourns that she was turned vampire when she feels she was overweight. Because of this she lacks some self-confidence and is very relatable. I also liked that she is very girly and feisty. Her main squeeze, Jeremy, is very sexy and I enjoyed them together.Glory's love life is finally good and here comes the Voodoo Queen, The entire casts of characters are also fun to read. Even the villains are caricatures that are amusing in their own ways. But this story also had some surprising twists that kept it fast-paced and upbeat. I am really glad to know that the long relationship between Glory and Jeremy survived. I feel they are good for each other but had issues that needed to be resolved.

This is an entertaining series and it is fun to read about her trying to juggle all her relationships,death threats and mentoring a new Vampire at the same the time. Quirky, optimistic and unabashedly cheerful, this book will lighten your mood and keep you wanting more.

Real Vampires Know Size Love is book 10 in the series. Gerry Bartlett delivers another fun, sexy romp with our favorite plus-sized vampire.

Gerry Bartlett

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