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Friday, February 14, 2014

Reviews: Heart of Stone By Christine Warren

Heart of Stone is the first novel in a brand new series from New York Times bestselling author Christine Warren!
Kees is a gargoyle, one of a group of supernatural guardians created to protect the world from the seven demons of the Dark.  In an earlier age, he and his brother warriors defeated creatures and banished them.  With their duty done, the guardians settled in to sleep until a new threat arose.  So why on earth would he awaken to nothing more than a small female woman?
 Gargoyles are the strike force of demon control but Kees cannot see the threat.  It certainly isn't coming from Ella, but something about her must have woken him from his sleep.  She must be the key to uncovering his new mission.  With her by his side, he begins to unravel of trail of clues that leads to only one conclusion: somehow, the portals he and his brothers had thought were sealed have begun to open.
 Christine Warren's novels are known for their humorous twists and turns of otherworldly creatures.  She has hit the New York times list with 11 of the Others novels, well deserving the rave reviews she received from bestselling authors like Julie Kenner, Kerrilyn Sparks, and Cheyenne McCray, calling her "red hot", "engaging", "fun, fast, and fabulously sexy"!

Ella was scared because some people made her senses wide open and unnatural energy threatened to overcome her, so that it made it hard for her to function for days or weeks at a time. Totally exhausting her. She felt the evil energy when she was at the fundraiser to help raise funds for the museum. Patrick was the one who made her skin crawl and she just wanted to get away from him and recuperate. Into the garden for a quiet time, only to be attacked by Patrick.  She was saved by her favorite gargoyle Kees who came to life, even though she had no idea this would happen. Kees, who had been slumbering for ages, wondered what threat had awoken him.

This got very confusing and steamy as they tried to find out what was wrong and to figure out just who Ella really was. Kees needed to protect her and train her before it was too late.

This book was amazing in the details of the different characters and what they did and how they intertwined with each other. I would definitely read it again and read more books by Christine Warren.  This supernatural mystery romance was very hard to put down, lots of laughs along the way.


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