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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Skies of Steel by Zoe Archer

In the world of The Ether Chronicles, the Mechanical War rages on, and appearances are almost always deceiving . . .

The prim professorDaphne Carlisle may be a scholar, she would rather be out in the field than stuck with a bunch of books in a library. After he parents are kidnapped by a notorious warlord she knew she needed to act fast before it was to late. Daphne’s only chance to get across enemy lines is by an airship…and that means she needs to find a rogue Man O’ War Mikhail Denisov who is as seductive as he is untrustworthy.

The jaded mercenaryMikhail will do anything for the right price, he is certain he has this mission and Daphne figured out: a simple job and a beautiful but sheltered Englishwoman. As they travel the skies about the Mediterranean and Arabia, he learns the fight ahead is anything but simple, and his lovely passenger is not exactly what she seems. Mikhail is only certain about one thing and that’s their shared desire, both dangerous and unexpected.

I have many different genres, this was the first Steampunk adventure and romance that I have ever read. Though it is a lifestyle I am very familiar with the story about how a love grows between two people from totally different sides of the spectrum is something I am familiar with. Opposites do attract and Zoe Archer brings that up front and center. Though they are different in the end they come to understand they both stand for one common interest. Want to see how these to beat the odds of war and see how they come together, then I say go pick up this book and the others from the series.


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