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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Long Time Coming by Jennifer James

A weekend of scorching no-strings sex, or two days of something special?

Heading home for his older sister’s wedding was a real pain. He got stuck in his parents’ spare bedroom in a twin bed to small for his six-four frame since the local hotel had no rooms available, only with the fantasies about his sister’s maid of honor and her little purple bikini. Joey Sanchez: the women he has had a serious crush on for the last ten years was now all grown up, in all the right places.

Who would have thought, she happens to have a crush on him too.

In a chance of luck, Joey knows exactly what she wants. In the pool, movie theater, and some hot text messages, she quenches his desire and isn’t asking for any promises. Married to her career is all she wants and how she likes it. With the weekend coming to an end, Rob figures out that she’s only left him craving for more. He doesn’t want to waist another ten years without her…

Who wouldn’t want a weekend of hot, steamy, no-strings sex with their older sister’s best friend? Well in this book Jennifer James definitely gets your excitement going as she describes the way Joey and Rob act like horny teenagers. Considering where they go to enjoy each other’s bodies you definitely know it was a long time coming for these two to come together.
Only thing I was a little bummed about was how short the book was, would have been nice to find out if these two did make things happen later on.

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