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Friday, July 1, 2016

4/5 Review: Heart Like Mine by Maggie Mcginnis

I can completely see why others adore these books. We get a cozy, quirky small town; an effort to infuse most scenes with humor and levity for those of us weary of self-serious romances; and heroes who are strong alphas without being creepily controlling and borderline sociopathic (a line that's tougher than expected for many romance authors to tread!) So I figured this series would be a candidate for 'favorite series ever', and I was right, I am going to love the Echo Lake Novel.

Simply Irresistible has humor, heat, and heart. There's instant attraction between Delaney and Joshua. Delaney is a woman you can relate to. Everyone sees Delaney as a wonderfully strong woman who is very successful. People she works with highly respect her. What they do not see is her past how it haunts her and the heartache it brings. She isn’t a people person and doesn’t do well interacting with them..Josh loves children they make his job worth doing and he makes it his life to help others the best that he can. They are working on a very small budget as it is now the men upstairs wants to cut it even more. He is put to the challenge meeting a budget he can’t met as he works on away to get what they need trying to make the men upstairs happy. They will have to figure out a way to make this happen without killing each other.

Maggie Mcginnis writes great emotion and has a real talent for injecting just the right amount of humor at just the right time. Delaney and Joshua are irresistible. Both are slightly damaged and more than a little vulnerable - imperfect enough to be perfect for each other. Secondary characters with their own stories are an added bonus to the story. I highly recommend this book to all contemporary romance lovers. If you've enjoyed Maggie's books in the past, you're going to love this one, and if you're new to Maggie's, there's no better place to start reading her work!

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