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Monday, July 4, 2016

4/5 Review: GROWL -by Kate Douglas, AC Arthur, Eve Langlais (Anthology)

Legal Wolf's Mate by Eve Langlais

Gavin is a high powered attorney who just so happens to be a werewolf. When his good friend and fellow were animal Broderick begs him to help a seemingly innocent women who's being accused of murder. When she shows up at Gavins office, he's unprepared for the instant connection he feels with her, something powerful pulls him towards her and he hasn't even said a word to her! Now he'll do anything to protect his new mate, and do anything to convince her to be his.

Megan is a timid young woman who has no idea what happened the night she was framed for murder, and her state appointed lawyer just wants her to take the deal she's being offered. Then she runs into Broderick, who kindly offers his friends help, free of charge thank god, and she feels maybe she'll be able to win her case.

As the days go on, and weirder and weirder things keep happening to Megan, she must put her life in the hands of Gavins. All she has to do is resist the temptation of his sexy body and even sexier alpha maleness. Shouldn't be too hard, she's had enough hard headed men in her life, she should be able to handle being alone with him... right??

So I loved the plot here, it has action, romance, pure sexiness and of course twist and turns! Gavin is so not ready to give up his single life, but I love how Eve doesn't make his character a complete love sick puppy when he sees Megan. He's determined to show her that he can be good for her, and that they'll be great together. He's a bit cock some times, but I think that plays into the whole wolf thing.

Megan character is a little harder to grasp, while the thoughts going through her head portray that of a scared young woman, occasionally her actions make you wonder if she's hiding something from Gavin...

The only thing that I didn't like about this story was one particular plot twist. It felt like the author just woke up one morning and decided to change the entire direction of the story. Even though it was still well written and I enjoyed it, I felt like I read 2 halfs of different books.

Feral Passions by Kate Douglas

Cherry is dragged to Feral passions, an all exclusive resort angled towards women, by her sister and sisters best friend. She only agrees so they don't loose their money on the package they bought after their other friend backed out. She definitely didn't expect to fall in love with the outdoors, the mountains, the freedom and the resorts special attractions, the wolves that live on the preservation that the resort sit on.

Tracker Jakes is the head of Feral Passions resort. He came up with the idea of a ladies only resort that exclusively accepts only 6 women at a time. His hope is that his pack will be able to find mates. The pack is getting lonely as none of them have been able to find mates in years. All the members of his pack help run the resort, some one is bound to find their mate... right?

Brad and Cain are two of the resorts "employees" they both feel an instant connection with Cherry, one they've been waiting for for a very long time. They have 1 week to convince her that they're meant to be.

I love Kates books, and this plot was pretty good, and the story well written. But I had a hard time connecting to Cherry's character. I felt like I was reading a story about a teenager, not an almost 30 year old woman. I understand she's pretty innocent, but still...

Aside from that I enjoyed the story and am interested to see if she's developing a new series from this.

The Alpha's Woman by A. C. Arthur

Kira is an alpha female who refuses to take any crap from anyone. When her own pack turns on her, including her own father, she refuses to stay with them any longer and runs. She'd rather be a lone wolf than stay with them a minute longer.

Blaez is the alpha of his own pack, and when he finds Kira walking alone in the woods so close to the full moon, he decides he has to save her... by kidnapping her... he locks her in their fortress with his small pack, and tells her he refuses to let her go for her own safety. A lone female wolf can be claimed by any wolf during the full moon phase. While she knows the risk she took, she demands he let her go and not worry about her, but something inside him tells him not to let her go.

This was by far my favorite story of the three! It was creative, and a different take on the werewolf lore. I loved the members of his pack, and would very much enjoy reading about each of them finding their mates. I will definitely be looking her up and adding her to my to be read list!


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