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Friday, July 1, 2016

5/5 Review: HEARTSTRONG COTTAGE by Emily March

I was excited to receive another book by Emily March. If you are fan of the series, you know Eternity Springs is full of interesting characters, beginning with the actual town. Relationships are built, people are nice to each other and the ladies of the town seem to have an uncanny instinct in choosing which two people should come together next. In this case our main characters are the exit detective now a PI Daniel Garrett who has suffered a major loss in his life and the small town Pub owner with a big secret Shannon O'Toole.

From the beginning, Heartsong touches your heart strings. This is the 10th book in the Eternity Springs series and introduces us to a small town where people face life changing events and miracles are waiting around every corner. This book has everything I love in a romance novel. A wonderful small town, women of various ages who are supportive and friends of one another, a romance which is hard to achieve because of the character's histories and real issues and finally solutions which lead to a happy ending.

This is a touching and emotional story of loss and redemption, made strong by March's vivid prose and her ability to plumb the depth of human emotion. Readers will hurt for Daniel, root for Shannon, and delight in the specialness of a small community that seems touched by angels. I loved the spirit of community, the solid friendships between Shannon and her friends and the symbolism of Eternity Springs. We all might need an Eternity Springs in our lives. Ms. March has penned a stunning addition to this series. Can't wait to begin book 11 in the series. Heartsong is definitely a must read.

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