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Thursday, March 10, 2016

5/5 Review: Love & Loyalty (Faith, Love, and Devotion Book 2) by Tere Michaels

Seattle Homicide Detective Jim Shea never takes work home with him—until now. A judge banged his gavel, declared a defendant not guilty, and laid waste to a family. The emotional fallout of the trial leaves Jim vulnerable and duty-bound to the victim’s dying father.

It’s that man’s story that screenwriter Griffin Drake and his best friend, actress Daisy Baylor, see as their ticket out of action blockbusters and into more serious fare. But to get the juicy details, Griffin needs to win over the stoic and protective Detective Shea. Their attraction is immediate, and Daisy encourages Griffin to use it to their advantage: secure the man, secure the story. Neither man has had much luck when it comes to love, and when their one night together evolves into a long weekend of rapidly intensifying feelings, both Griffin’s fierce loyalty to Daisy and his very career is put to the test.

Because the more Griffin is drawn into a new life with Jim, the more his Hollywood life falls apart. Secrets and broken trust threaten Griffin’s relationships, and he’ll have to choose between telling the truth or writing a Hollywood ending.


Jim is a detective that we met in Faith, Love & Devotion 1.  His story began with a very high profile case.  He and his partner did everything that they were supposed, collected the evidence correctly and testified.  All so that the guilty party could be declared ‘Not Guilty’ and the victim’s family destroyed.  Jim feels that it is his responsibility to take care of the victim’s father, since his wife passed away the day the verdict was issued.  The man had no one else.  So when he gets a message that someone is coming to interview the husband he makes sure that he is there.  That is how he meets Griffin.  Griffin is a screenwriter who wants to make something important, something other than the usual violent fluff movies that have no real plot.  Griffin gets his permission to complete the script, but has trouble actually putting ink to paper.  When he gets in touch with Jim and leaves LA he realizes that he is actually working.  He was able to work on the script in the time he spent with Jim.  He also got to know Jim and realizes that he wants to spend more time with him, even if it means jumping on a plane.  As Jim and Griffin get closer he finds out that his friend Daisy has betrayed him to her husband.  She supposedly was going to leave him but that didn’t work out.  Griffin does what he has to, to keep his word to Jim’s friend.  I loved that Griffin gave up everything to make sure that he remains honorable.  He was able to come through in the end and ended up with more than he thought he deserved.  I am loving this series!

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