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Monday, March 28, 2016

4/5 Review: Who Knows the Storm (Vigilante Book 1) by Tere Michaels

In a dystopian near future, New York City has become the epicenter of decadence—gambling, the flesh trade, a playground for the wealthy. And underneath? Crime, fueled by “Dead Bolt,” a destructive designer drug. This New City is where Nox Boyet leads a double life. At night, he is the Vigilante, struggling to keep the streets safe for citizens abandoned by the corrupt government and police. During the day, he works in construction and does his best to raise his adopted teenaged son, Sam. 

A mysterious letter addressed to Sam brings Nox in direct contact with “model” Cade Creel, a high-end prostitute working at the Iron Butterfly Casino. Suspicion gives way to an intense attraction as dark figures from Nox’s past and the mysterious peddlers of Dead Bolt begin to descend—and put all their lives in danger. When things spin out of control, Cade is the only person Nox can trust to help him save Sam.


This book is a little different.  It is almost a post-apocalyptic book.  New York is basically wiped out during an extreme storm.  The water level rises so high that most of Manhatten is evacuated.  Some people of course don’t leave, the ones who have nowhere to go.  Nox Boyet is the 16 year old who has no were to go and no one to go to.  He tries to go to his mother at the asylum and when he gets there he realizes that she is giving birth to his sibling.  He delivers the baby and realizes that he has another body to take care of other than himself.  He doesn’t know what he is going to do, but he does know that he will protect the baby with his life.  That is a promise that he has to keep almost as soon as he makes it.  While at the hospital he runs into a woman who calls herself Jenny.  She is there to take care of his mother and him.  She decides to not kill him and the baby but he doesn’t trust her since she already tried to kill him once.  When he gets away from Jenny he goes back to his house with the baby and sets up the house as best he can to protect himself and the baby, who he names Sam.  Fast forward 17 years and Nox is doing regular patrols to make sure that drug dealers stay out his area and that their little neighborhood stays safe.  Sam works as a messenger so that he can get out of the house and have some interaction with others.  Things become very dangerous when Cade Creel is asked to deliver a note to Nox’s son.  After that things begin to happen that force Nox to change many things in his life and to accept help.  This book uses flashbacks to explain the history of its characters but it is well done.  This book ends on a cliffhanger.  I recommend this book!

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