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Friday, September 5, 2014

Ménage à Trois #FreakyFriday Release Blitz

Sometimes it feels good to be bad . . . 
Dave Sanders is making up for a lifetime of sin. After leaving his reckless past behind, he now runs a respectable bar and grill. But keeping his wild side in check becomes nearly impossible when Kathy Mae Smith starts working for him. She's shy, modest, and sexy as hell. Slow, sweet seduction has never been his style, but then Dave has never wanted a woman like this before . . . Thanks to her ex-husband, Kathy doesn't know if she can ever trust another man. And she certainly isn't about to jeopardize her job by jumping into bed with her hot new boss. Yet Dave is kind, caring, and his sizzling persistence is about to burn through the last of her defenses-until her past catches up with her. If she surrenders the truth to Mr. Perfect, will she lose him . . . or get a second shot at love?

Slow, he reminded himself. Take your time. When he slid his tongue into her mouth Kathy’s body tightened under the arm he had wrapped around her. She fisted her fingers in his hair and tried to take them both deeper, wilder, but he wouldn’t allow it. Keeping the kiss gentle he took his time tasting, all the while memorizing the smooth texture of her lips. “You’re so beautiful, Kathy,” he said, against her mouth.
“Come inside.”
He sat back to look at the woman he hoped would someday be his. He’d known from the instant they met in the Lion’s manager’s office when Sophie had worked there. Kathy was the kind of woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. But he couldn’t tell her, not yet. Not when there were still things she needed to know about him and him about her.
He pulled into her apartment building parking lot then turned to her. “You and I…the first time we make love, it’s going to be special. Not just a grope fest.”
“There’s nothing wrong with those.” Kathy teased with a hand caressing up his thigh.
“Nope, there isn’t as long as you’re both getting something great out of it.” He took her hand in his and started to gently rub his thumb over the back of it. “I want to make you squirm and hear you scream out my name. I don’t want the chance to catch our breath—no downtime, only passion.” He began to put more pressure on the friction of her thumb pad. “When you come that first time, I want it in my mouth. My God, Kathy, I can’t even get close to telling you how much I need you because I’m so overwhelmed by you.”
“Oh, Jesus,” she whispered. “Tell me more. Tell me how.”
“I want to take you in every position possible with long slow strokes.” His eyes burned into hers, and when he moved his hand under her skirt he found her moist. Gently he glided his middle finger in small circles over the dampness when he heard her breath shutter then gasp as he applied pressure. “I’d love to taste you now.” He brought his hand to his mouth and sucked on the finger that he just teased her with. 
“Dave?” Her body slithered lower in her seat, her eyes wide and filled with passion. 
“I feel like I’m going to explode. Pleasssse,” she pleaded.
“Please what?” 

“Come inside.”

About the author:
Once Rebecca Rose picked up her first romance novel she knew her destiny was typed on those pages. She lives to find romance in ordinary life doing everyday things, by believing you just need to be conscious enough to look for it.  While being slightly dyslexic has created some challenges for her, she feels compelled to write about the characters living in her head.

With multiple books out, she is a full-time writer with a nagging muse who even talks obsessively in the car. That is of course, when the voice can get a word in edgewise with her three children and husband of 17 years.

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You are invited to the Dining Club. If you pass the challenges we set, a world of pleasure awaits you.
He is everything she never wanted: brooding, secretive, rich - and far-removed from her care-free artistic lifestyle. Yet David has a power over Grace that she cannot resist, a power that comes from his darker, passionate side. And now he is ready to truly reveal himself. Inviting Grace to a weekend at the Dining Club, David offers her the opportunity to discover his deepest desires and to find pleasures far beyond her wildest imagination - but only if she is willing to play a series of sensual games. Grace faces a choice: give in to her doubts and retreat to her quiet life, or truly embrace happiness with David and win over her mesmerizing lover forever.

The subdued lighting and quiet murmur of intensely private conversations in the dining room were an arousing background to these small acts of sensuality, and Grace was thoroughly relaxed and enjoying herself when Laura, Amy’s twin, arrived at the table with some cards in her hands. “The dessert choice,” she explained, handing them to David.
Amy sat up very straight, her eyes on Grace. David glanced briefly at the cards, put three down on the table and passed the rest back to Laura, who then stood waiting for their order.
“Grace, these dessert choices are coded,” he said quietly.
“Each of them hints at the type of trial you want this evening. Here, look at them and you’ll see what I mean.” 
Grace’s stomach tightened with fear. For a short time she’d forgotten what lay ahead, but now there was no way out. If she wanted to keep David, and after their conversation earlier she knew without a doubt that she did, then she had to go through with this. All around her other women were also looking at cards and making choices. One looked excited, but the others looked as nervous as Grace was feeling.
“Tantalizing Tiramisu, Obedient Orange Sorbet or Controlled Chocolate Delight,” she read aloud.
“I think you should leave the Controlled Chocolate Delight for another month,” said David quietly. “Choose from the first two.”
Grace began to tremble. “I don’t want either,” she whispered. “I don’t know what they mean. I don’t think I can do this.”
“Then you simply refuse the dessert, my darling, but of course you know what that will mean for us.”
“I’m scared; doesn’t that matter to you?”
“Don’t be scared. You don’t have to choose anything, you know that. If none of them appeal to you, then all you have to do is tell Laura. There’s no pressure on you, Gracie, it’s only that . . .”
Trembling, Grace looked at him, and saw the regret in his eyes. She wanted to go on, to take the final step into the unknown, but the descriptions on the cards didn’t give her enough of a clue for her to dare to choose anything with any confidence. 
“The tiramisu should be nice,” murmured Amy, leaning close to Grace so that no one near could hear. “Choose that. You’ll be fine.”
As Grace hesitated, Amber came to their table. “Is there a problem?” she asked.
Looking up, Grace saw that Amber had guessed what was happening and was enjoying it. She also noticed that Amber had rested one hand possessively on David’s left shoulder. “No, I’m spoilt for choice, that’s all,” she said brightly. “I think I’ll go for the Tantalizing Tiramisu. It sounds fascinating.”
Laura wrote it down and went away and Amy smiled and touched Grace’s arm encouragingly while Amber merely nodded before walking off. All around them groups of three were getting up from their tables and making their way out of the dining room.
“Well done,” said David. With a sigh of relief he pushed back his chair. “We’re in the study for dessert tonight aren’t we, Amy?”
Amy nodded.
“Aren’t you coming too?” asked Grace.
“No, I’m hardly ever involved at a guest’s first trial. My skills are for the higher tables. Good luck though,” she added more quietly, “and try to enjoy it. It’s one of the best
choices you can get.” With that, Amy hurried off to join another group.
Grace felt bereft as she watched her go. Now she knew that whatever lay ahead she had to cope with it on her own, because she was certain that no one else was going to help her in any way at all.
Silently David guided Grace out of the dining room, down the hallway and along a short corridor. He then opened a concealed door and she stepped inside.
“Hello,” said Amber, getting up from a chair to greet her. “Do come in. Andrew and I are both so pleased you chose the tiramisu.”
Grace took a step backwards, feeling her heart racing and aware that the palms of her hands were damp with fear, but David was standing behind her, and before she could say anything he’d locked the study door and dropped the key into a jar on a high shelf.

“Welcome to your first trial, my darling,” he murmured. “I’m sure we’re all going to have a wonderful time.”

About the author:

Marina Anderson is the pseudonym of a British author. Her novels have sold over half a million copies worldwide and she is a SundayTimes bestseller. 

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A Sultry Summer Nights Novel
The last thing ex-SEAL Sergei Gun needs is a complication. As part of a powerful black-ops company, he's led an extraction team into the Mexican jungle to rescue two men who have been kidnapped. Everything has gone according to plan until Serge discovers a third hostage-an exquisitely beautiful woman with a secret haunting her stormy gray eyes. With no choice but to bring her back to the compound deep in the sultry, steamy Louisiana bayou, Serge vows to protect her, body and soul . . .Kara Nichols never imagined that she'd capture the interest of a powerful man like Serge. What began as a simple rescue mission ignites into a passionate affair. As Serge teaches her the tantalizing art of surrender, Kara finds herself more than willing to shed every last one of her inhibitions and submit to him fully. But the dark, dangerous forces that captured Kara aren't ready to let her go so easily . . . 

She glanced down at her bikini, and then upward again, scanning his bare chest and hoping she wasn’t drooling, because she was so over wanting him. She took the glass and sipped from the straw. Orange and pineapple and a touch of vodka exploded on her tongue. “Thanks,” she said, unsure what more she could say without blurting out her anger over his abandonment.
So, maybe she wasn’t over him. The thought deflated her. Her gaze dropped to her drink.
Sergei lowered to sit in the sand beside her chaise. “You’re rested?”
“I am. The bed is very comfortable.” She couldn’t pull her gaze from him. His was directed at the sea, his strong profile achingly dear.
The moment stretched, and she grew restless. After she’d missed her chance back at the mansion to lay it all out there, to bare her soul, she’d lost her courage. But anger rose again, giving starch to her backbone. “Do you feel anything for me?” God, had she really asked that out loud? How pathetic must she sound?
Sergei’s face swung toward her.
Reading what was going on behind his brown eyes was impossible. But his mouth, dear Lord, his mouth—the firm line was softening, curving into his familiar crooked smile.
“Are you angry with me?”
She was glaring. So maybe that question was looking for the secrets locked deep inside her. “I am. After everything we shared, you put me in a guest room.”
“You needed rest.” His eyebrows rose. “You were swaying on your feet when we arrived.”
“I needed comfort. I was scared.” Her fingers tightened on the wooden arm of the chaise.
“But you were safe. You had nothing to fear.”
“I wasn’t afraid of being attacked again, you moron. I was afraid you didn’t love me.” She clamped her jaws closed and stared at him wide-eyed. Nothing like blurting out my feelings.
His mouth stretched and he began to laugh. Loudly. Holding his belly and bending.
Infuriating. With a determined move, she reached out and tipped her glass over his head.
Then he laughed harder. “Better run, sweetheart. You’ve earned a spanking.”
Her heart thrilled, and she pushed off the chaise, squealing as she ran for the water. She was thigh deep when a strong arm looped around her waist and pulled her hard against a solid wall of muscle.
“So I’m a moron?” he growled in her ear.
“I don’t know where that came from,” she gasped. But she was lying. She’d wanted to call him a bastard, a motherfucker, every foul name she could think of, she was so frustrated by the distance he’d placed between them.
In the next instant, she went still, remembering what he’d just said. “You’re going to spank me?”

“Later. Promise,” he whispered.

About the author:
Until just a few years ago, award-winning erotica and romance author Delilah Devlin lived in South Texas at the intersection of two dry creeks, surrounded by sexy cowboys in Wranglers. These days, she's missing the wide-open skies and starry nights but loving her dark forest in Central Arkansas, with its eccentric characters and isolation-the better to feed her hungry muse! For Delilah, the greatest sin is driving between the lines, because it's comfortable and safe. Her personal journey has taken her through one war and many countries, cultures, jobs, and relationships to bring her to the place where she is now-writing sexy adventures that hold more than a kernel of autobiography and often share a common thread of self-discovery and transformation. To learn more about Delilah and her stories, visit

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