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Monday, September 10, 2012

The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires-by Molly Harper

 Molly Harper's quirky and often snarky sense of humor kept me laughing all of the way through The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires. If you have ever read any of Mary Janice Davidson's Betsy the Vampire books and loved them, then you should definitely go and pick up this book. I think that I enjoyed the relationship between Iris and her sister/ward Gigi the most. Molly did a fantastic job portraying the relationship in a way that allowed them to be the best of friends and still go through the trials and tribulations of parenthood. Of course, I also certainly enjoyed the sparks between Iris and her stray Vampire Cal as well.

After Iris' parents are killed in an accident she is guardian to her little sister Gigi. Iris makes the choice to bring Gigi to her, but when it becomes clear that things just aren't working out and her sister just is not adjusting to all of the changes being forced upon her: Iris decides to move back to Half-Moon Hollow, Kentucky, and into the house that they grew up in. Of course this means that Iris can no longer finish getting her degree and will have to choose a different line of work. That is when she came up with the concept for her Beeline agency. If you are a vampire in need of a personal assistant who can and will do your errands during daylight hours then Iris Scanlon is your woman. The only hard and fast rule/no-no she has is that her relationships with the vamps are strictly business. In fact she tries her damnedest to be in and out of the vamp's houses only when the sun is up. That hard and fast rule receives a shake when she stumbles over her new client, Cal, lying helpless on his kitchen floor after having been given poisoned blood. Weak and unable to fend for himself Cal persuades Iris, by offering her an abnormally large fee, to take him to her home to hide out until he can find out who is mucking with the faux blood supply and had tried to take him out of the picture. Along the way a relationship develops between Cal and Iris and now that hard and fast rule has crumbled; putting her life and Gigi's in dire straights.

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Funny, funny, funny- 5 hearts all the way.

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