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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shades Of Temptaion by Virna DePaul

Carrie Ward understands dangerous men, and she's got the scars to prove it. These days, the Special Investigations Group detective saves her risk taking for the job. But when she's asked to pursue a high-profile serial killer, she'll have to join forces with the last man she wants to depend on—Jase Tyler, an ace senior detective who's as reckless as she is cautious. And despite her best intentions, the sparks begin to fly.As Carrie and Jase race to try to save the next victim, the passion that simmers between them ignites. But a cunning killer at the top of his game is challenging carrie to play to the very end. Now all she can count on are her instincts—and Jase, the one man daring enough to keep her safe….


Virna DePaul has become one of my top authors. I first read Shades of Desire and knew I needed to read the next installment in the SIG series. Shades Of Temptation is yet another great read. But be forewarned, there are some disturbing details in this book. 

Carrie Ward is assigned her first serial killer case.  Having been injured recently she was ready to get back to work, but some felt she wasn't ready. Enter Jase Tyler, the one man Carrie has always harbored feelings for. They are teamed up together to find this serial killer. During the investigation Jase decides he doesn't want to keep his feelings for Carrie a secret anymore and throughout this story the two struggle with everything involving each other, their own pasts and finding the killer.  

When they finally find the killer they come to realize that they also have a copycat killer on their hands and it wasn't just one killer but two. Which adds a whole other twist to the story. 

I definitely recommend this book and series. This can be read as a stand alone. But I wouldn't miss out on the first book. 


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I give this book 

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