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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

4/5 Review: Spider Game by Christine Feehan

The Cajun dive in the middle of the godforsaken swamps wasn’t exactly Trap Dawkins’ idea of fun. But the GhostWalker wasn’t there for a good time. He was looking for her. Cayenne. It’s where she found her victims. Poor suckers. Then again, who wouldn’t want to leave a place like this with a woman like her?

It’s not Cayenne’s fault. Locked up, experimented on and never knowing kindness, she was bred this way—with a heart of pure venom. Trap understands her. He survived his own dark past and he shares her desire for getting even. But now Trap’s greatest danger is Cayenne herself. Because what’s inside her is hard to control—especially when it’s aroused by a lover as reckless as Trap.


Trap and Cayenne are both ghostwalkers that have been experimented on to form super humans.

Trap is a soldier who's special abilities make him an asset to his team, but his icy demeanor and rude attitude makes him hardly loveable. He's a brilliant scientists who's made himself a small fortune,  named one of the most eligible bachelors so he's a catch to any socialite who's only in it for the money and fame. But that's not what Trap wants, so he uses them and tosses them aside. Until he saves a fellow ghostwalker who's on the termination list. He can't get Cayenne off his mind, and he refuses to let her get away.

Cayenne has always been in solitude. Caged like an animal and experimented on her entire life. When she sees Trap she lures him into freeing her from her cage in the termination area. Only she can't seem to leave the area as she's continuously drawn back to the swamp and Trap. Will the two opposites attract? 

So this is the first time I've ever read a book by Christine  (I know, I know!) And I have to say, I'm kinda bummed I grabbed this one. And maybe it's my own fault, I should have taken the title more seriously. The story is written well, some things are a bit repetitive,  but I enjoyed her writing. Miss Feehan's books are made of awesomeness!!!

However... Cayenne had her DNA mixed with a spider.... I HATE spiders. Reading some of these scenes were extremely hard for me to swallow. I generally enjoy shifter books, but not of the insect variety. So that alone made this drop a point for me. 

The storyline was great, and if the other books in this series stay away from (most) bugs, I'll definitely be adding this to my TBR list. 

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