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Thursday, April 21, 2016

4/5 Review: Redemption, by Kate Douglas

SECRETS THREATENING TO CONSUME Lola Monroe knows that appearances can be deceiving-even in the most beautiful of places and angelic of faces. She's seen how the ugliest rumors and lies can destroy women's lives and careers. So when roommate's brother-in-law shows up at Lola's doorstep-unannounced, unassuming, and unbelievably gorgeous-she can't help but wonder if he's hiding something behind that handsome face, that sly smile, and those tempting lips...

A battle-scarred veteran with devilish looks, Ben Lowell has spent his entire life running from his past, his family-and his deepest, darkest secrets. When he meets Lola, he knows in his heart he can trust her with the truth, even if it means baring his soul and losing her forever. Lola wants to help Ben find redemption by reconciling with his family. But when she discovers more skeletons hiding in his closet-and more dangers waiting in the shadows-the powerful love that binds them together could be the one thing that tears them apart...


Ben Lowell is an Army man through and through, he's known nothing else for the past 20 years... nothing else. No family, no friends, no wife. And for 20 years he's done just fine that way, or so he thinks. He ran away from a haunting past and never wanted to turn back. Until he hers his brother has been shot. The brother he ran away from and couldn't face. Now after a life threatening mission he wants to go back home and seek forgiveness from his brother. What he didn't expect was to walk right into Lolas life and home, literally. 

When Lola answered the door to see Ben standing there, she felt an odd sense of completion. She knew she had to get to know Ben, scars and all. 

When Ben's secrets from his last mission comes back to haunt him and his new friends, he finds it hard to accept help from his brother and his friends. He finds it hard to believe that his brother forgives him so easily, and that his friends have accepted him as one of their own so quickly. 

When Lolas life is endangered he realizes how much he cares for her, and will do everything he can to save her. Even if it endangers his own life.

With the help of his new friends he's able to solve the mystery of his last case.

To start, I love Kate, she's a great friend and I love the wolf tales series. But if you're expecting this to be like that series, don't. This is nothing like it. I was a little bummed with the lack of details during the sex scenes,  but she wrote tons of details about everything else. The plot was good, and it kept me guessing. But the characters were sometimes hard to grasp. Ben is a military man, and has been for 20 years, but sometimes he has the emotions of a hormonal teenage girl... it confused me and made his character unbelievable. 

Overall it was a good book, just something different from what I normally read by Kate. But if you pick this up expecting a suspenseful romance with light sex, then you'll enjoy this book and will get hooked quickly.

I do strongly suggest reading 'Intimate' first, as this is a series, and even though it's about 2 different people, there is crucial information that's may be needed to fully understand this book. 

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