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Monday, April 20, 2015

Review: One Good Earl by Sarah MacLean

One Good Earl Deserves a Lover, the second book in New York Times bestselling author Sarah MacLean’s award-winning Rules of Scoundrels series, is a lively, romantic adventure, starring a lovable, sometimes bumbling heroine and a sexy, leading man who offer up plenty of steamy sexual tension.
Nearly engaged to Lord Castleton, the always proper and logical Lady Philippa “Pippa” Marbury wants to learn about London’s dark side before she happily heads off to the country and embraces married life. But it’s in London’s shadowy corners where she meets Cross, the brooding, mysterious bookkeeper of The Fallen Angel, London’s most notorious and coveted gaming hell. He’s a rogue in every sense of the word. Or is he?
The heroes of the Rule of Scoundrels books will steal the hearts of their heroines and readers alike!

One Good Earl Deserves a Lover by Sarah MacLean is a great combination of passion and humor.  It is the second installment in series The Rules of Scoundrels.  It can be read as a standalone but I wish I had read the first book, A Rogue by Any Other Name first.  The book grabbed my attention and kept me interested from the first page

Lady Phillipa Marbury is the fourth daughter of the Marquess.  She knows there is something different about her.  She would rather read then worry about balls and dressing up.  She has been betrothed and knows although they have very little in common that he is a kind man and will treat her well.  Being the studious young thing she is she decides to live life to its fullest and research the forbidden side of life.  Phillipa needs a guide to the seedy side of London and she wants it to be the Earl of Harlow – commonly known only as Cross.

Cross finds Pippa in his room and has him wondering what and how she got into his private office and points out he has made a mistake in his accounting, and then asks him to teach her what goes on between a man and woman in bed.  He turns her away until she breaks him down and he realizes he may have met his match in Pippa.

             Cross is a different type of hero but I felt he and Pippa are meant for each other.  Ms. MacLean’s research on the time period is evident and her writing takes you back in time.  The sexual tension between Pippa and Cross is evident and when they come together it is passionate but not over the top.

If you are looking for a lovely sexually charged period romance I would highly recommend this one, and I look forward to reading more of the series.

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