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Monday, April 20, 2015

Review: Amazon Roulette by C. M. Gleason

Marina Alexander, search and rescue expert, is fortunate enough to be on hand when a young couple gets lost in an old cave in Northern Michigan. She also discovers what brought them deep into the ancient copper mine: possible proof of European visitors to North America far earlier than believed. 

Though it could be the biggest find of her career, Marina fears there is a connection to her grandfather—the patriarch of a Siberian tribe and eco-terrorist group—and that he will draw her back into the fold. 

Meanwhile, it’s clear the eco-terrorists are planning a new attack on U.S. soil, for they leave a trail of dead bodies and injuries in their wake…leading up to something far-reaching and deadly. 

From the ancient copper mines of Northern Michigan, to the suburbs of Chicago, the thick, humid rain forest of Ecuador, and a hidden temple deep in the Amazon jungle, Amazon Roulette will have readers on the edge of their collective seats as Marina races against time to stop her family from its destructive plan. 

Ms. Gleason brings us story with a bit of romance, a great mystery, science, politics, and adventure.  I have to admit it’s not my normal cup of tea but this one kept me reading and wondering what thrilling ride would come up next.  Her characters are strong and well defined and the story flows nicely.

Marina Alexander is strong, direct, and has her faults but owns them.  This installment looks into her relationships, with colleagues, family and friends.  It seems that the other characters continue to develop and we get to know them better by the end of the novel.  You have to read to see what happens next with all of them – there are a few surprises thrown in.

The roulette game is horrifying at times, as is the Skalas.  The Skalas are kind of the bad guys but the feel they are doing what think what they are doing is for the good, but is it?

It is obvious that the Ms. Gleason, did her research while writing this novel.  I fact checked a few things dealing with the history and science.  She is spot on!  Well done.
If you are looking for a great adventure, with some romance thrown in the Amazon Roulette is a keeper.  I look forward to seeing more in the Marina series.  

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