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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Release: Ski Slope Sparks by Monique DuBois


Jamie Fielding has been counting the days until her Christmas ski vacation. Unfortunately, when her cheating boyfriend cancels at the last minute, it looks as though she'll be spending Christmas Eve alone. Instead, a bad case of altitude sickness lands her in the resort infirmary where she finds herself in the company of a sexy, charismatic doctor. After a passion-filled night in a cozy ski cabin, Jamie awakens in the arms of the best Christmas present ever...Dr. Wyatt Tremaine. Their newfound bond is threatened, however, when lovers from their pasts show up. Luckily, the magic of the season prevails, and soon Jamie and Wyatt are in each other's arms again, experiencing the kind of sparks that are destined to light an enduring fire...and give them a Christmas to remember.

Bio: Monique DuBois is a bestselling author who loves creating hot erotic stories about strong women and sexy men that she hopes will keep you up late at more ways than one.


She swallowed. “Am I going to be okay?” 
“Just severely brain damaged.” 
She gasped. “What?” 
His eyes twinkled. “I’m joking. You’ll be fine.” He gave her a grin that 
made her heart skip a beat. Jump a beat was more like it. He sure was easy 
on the eyes. More like freaking drop-dead, heart-stopping gorgeous. He 
looked like he should be modeling ski jackets for LL Bean. 
“Are you a doctor?” she asked. 
“Yes,” he said. “I’m on full-time staff with the mountain.” 
“Wow, must be nice. Do you get to ski for free?” 
He looked amused. “Of course. That’s one of the reasons I took the job. 
I love skiing almost as much as I love the study and practice of medicine.” 
Wow. A doctor and a skier. And gorgeous, too. Talk about a panty-dropper. 
“Are you sure I haven’t died and gone to Heaven?” she blurted out. Did 
I just say that aloud? She felt her face heat up. 
He smiled. “Taos is so beautiful that some people might think of it as 
“Do you?” 
“Yes.” He met her eyes. “Especially today.” 
A tingle jolted through her at the look in his eyes. Was he...flirting with 
her? “Yes,” she said, trying to formulate a cohesive sentence under his gaze, 
“it does seem like a magical place. Especially on Christmas Eve.” 
He didn’t reply. Instead, he continued to gaze at her with those eyes 
that sent a blast of heat racing to her core. The air was suddenly charged 
between them. It was as if an electric current was wrapped around the room, 
with them at the center. 13
She was tongue-tied, unable to speak, as she stared into this sexy 
doctor’s eyes. 
He put out his hand. “Dr. Tremaine. But you can call me Wyatt.” 
“Jamie Fielding,” she said a bit breathlessly. 
“Nice to meet you, Jamie.” 
“Is there someone I can call to look after you? You should be escorted to 
your hotel room as you’ll feel a bit lightheaded for a while.” 
That’s for sure. 
“No,” she said. “There’s no one to call. I’m vacationing alone. Well, at 
least for today and tomorrow.” 
His eyebrows shot up. “Alone on Christmas?” 
She sighed. “You could say that, yes. My boyfriend was supposed to 
meet me but his flight got delayed by two days.” 
“Oh. I’m sorry to hear that.” 
She couldn’t tell if he was sorry that she was alone or sorry that she had 
a boyfriend. She hoped it was the latter. She couldn’t help but wonder what 
he looked like with his clothes off. She was sure he was tan and well-built, 
with a very hard...body. 
Damn. Why did I have to mention a boyfriend, anyway? It’s not as if Travis 
had put a ring on her finger or even bought her a decent birthday present in 
all the months they’d been together. Yes, they were committed, but only in 
the most basic way that happens after you both agree to date exclusively. 
And it was only six months... 
Stop! She internally reprimanded herself. What are you doing, Jamie? You 
are in a relationship. You shouldn’t be fantasizing about some doctor you just met. 
“So you’re spending Christmas alone here in Taos, huh?” he asked, still 
studying her with those mesmerizing eyes. She could see admiration in his 
expression, and suddenly she felt like a strong, confident woman through his 14 
eyes. A woman taking charge of her own destiny. There was a certain 
sexiness in that, she was sure. 

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