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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Release: LOVING YOU ALWAYS by Kennedy Ryan + Giveaway

*Please note, LOVING YOU ALWAYS is book two in The Bennetts Series, book one is WHEN YOU ARE MINE

The man she can never have . . . 

Kerris Moreton should be the happiest woman in the world: She has a successful business and is about to start the family she's always wanted. But the man of her dreams-the one whose green eyes see straight into her soul and whose gentle hands make her body hum with pleasure-is not hers.

Each secret moment with Walsh Bennett serves to remind Kerris of what she's missing. And every stolen hour makes it harder to see her future without him. But being with Walsh would betray a sacred promise and upend her perfect life. When tragedy strikes, the razor's edge between love and loyalty grows sharper than ever. And Kerris must decide where her heart will fall
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Is there someone else?” Shelby asked, her eyes braver than the uncertain tone of her voice.
Walsh paused, glancing down before looking back at Shelby. Kerris wondered if anyone else detected the shutters he had just pulled over his eyes.
“Like you said, it’s been quite a year. I haven’t had a lot of time for much besides work and doing my part with the foundation.”
“So there’s no one special?” Shelby fished, using her grin as bait.
“There are many special women in the world.” Walsh offered a scrap metal smile, giving Shelby nothing new to work with. “Just not for me right now.”
“If youwere ready for your someone special, what would she be like?”
Walsh lowered a thick fan of lashes, concealing his eyes. Concealing his thoughts. For a moment it seemed he wouldn’t answer Shelby’s question, but then he looked back up, and there was an unexpected intensity in his eyes.
“She’d be compassionate. She’d be someone with a strong sense of what’s right, and doing what is right, no matter what. She’d be loyal and fearless.”
Shelby leaned forward, obviously thrilled that the usually reticent Walsh Bennett was revealing so much.
“And beautiful?”
“It would be incidental.” Walsh pushed his broad shoulders into a dismissive shrug. “The qualities I’d be looking for are…elusive. Rare.”
“Have you ever met a woman who embodied all these things?”
“Yes,” Walsh said without pause, his face a riddle no one would be able to solve. His quick smile, the answer. “My mother.”
Kerris hastily wiped the tears she hadn’t meant to shed. She turned the TV off, jumping at the sound of Al Green crooning “Call Me (Come Back Home),” the ring tone Cam had chosen for his phone. She doubted he had one song from this century in his collection. If it wasn’t on vinyl, he didn’t want it. She glanced around the room, searching for his phone before she realized the sound was coming from the office. She grabbed it in case he was calling looking for it. The ringing stopped abruptly, replaced by the ding signaling he had a new text message.
I told you I had something special for you. Call me when you get this.

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