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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Day He Kissed Her by Juliana Stone Interview

1. If you could live back in time, what time period would you choose and why?

I would love to visit the 50’s or early 60’s. The 50’s because it was such a peaceful, prosperous time and just simple.  We live too fast today and it would be amazing to get some of that back. I would love to visit the 60’s and track down Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin before they died.  Love their music and the legacy.

2. Do you remember what you felt when you had your first kiss?

My first kiss was gross.  I remember it was spring, the snow was melting. I was at the arena and kissed a boy outside. There were big lips and lots of spit and I don’t think I kissed a boy for years after that, LOL.

3. When writing do you have a playlist of music you like to listen to? What are a couple songs on it?

Sometimes I like to listen to music to get me in the right mood for a certain scene and that’s usually because I need a bit of an emotional kick.  I love songs like Travelin’ Soldier by the Dixie Chicks ( I cry every time) if I need that sort of thing.  

4. What do you do when you think nobody is watching?

Try to take a decent selfie but it never works.

5. What was your favorite childhood book?

A tie between The Velveteen Rabbit and The Secret Garden.

6. What is your favorite addition to chocolate?

Peanut butter of course!

7. What do you think you would be doing if you weren't writing?

If I wasn’t writing, I’d be doing something artistic.  Singing maybe, in some smoky hole in the wall! 

8. Do you have any hobbies or activities you enjoy doing?

I’m a total baseball geek and love playing in our local ladies league. I also love to golf and hockey is a huge deal in our town!

9. What is something you do to de-stress?

I walk or try to walk the dog every day.  And when I finish a book, I go and have a massage. It’s like the sweetest reward ever!

10. We all know about muses...what do you think inspires you to allow your creative juices flowing?

I find inspiration in every day things like family and friends.  Also, a writer (I believe) is wired differently.  WE have to write or the voices in our heads would drive us crazy!

10 Fun Facts
-I used to front an all female rock band in the 80’s
-I met my husband when his band’s truck broke down and they came to a bar I was playing at. That was 26 years ago.  OY.
-I hate peas.
-I talk to myself constantly. No I’m not crazy, just vocalizing dialogue LOL
-My lineage on my mother’s side can be traced back to Charlemagne, France and the first king of the Francs.
-I have a pink cowboy hat
LOL I honestly can’t think of anymore!

He can’t wait to leave

Mac Draper finally has everything he’s always wanted: An amazing career. A New York City apartment.He’s this close to being free of his past forever. But a mind-blowing encounter with the sexy yet tough-as-nails Lily St. Clare has him delaying his plans to put Crystal Lake in his rearview mirror for good.

She’s finally found a place to stay

For Lily St. Clare the charming small town of Crystal Lake is her haven—place she can hide from her famous, back-stabbing family. It’s as close to happy as she’s ever been. Until an unforgettable night with tall, dark and tortured Mac Draper gives her a glimpse of what true happiness feels like.

Lily can’t help but melt a little under the sizzling heat of Mac’s touch. But Mac’s scars run deep, and Lily’s afraid she may be falling for the one man who can never return her feelings...

About Juliana Stone: 
USA Today Bestselling author, Juliana Stone’s love of the written word and ‘80s rock have inspired her in more ways than one. She writes dark paranormal romance and contemporary romance and spends her days navigating a busy life that includes a husband, kids, and rock ‘n’ roll! You can find more info at

Ignoring her hot cheeks, she turned quickly, her only thought to get as far away from Mac Draper as she could. She had a plan. She’d hide out at the cottage until he left town. From what little she knew about him, he wasn’t close to his family and he had some fancy job in New York City. He was most likely only home for the holiday anyway.

Okay. This was good. This would work.

“Lily, are you alright?”

Her head snapped up and she attempted a smile as Marnie Edwards walked toward her, a cocktail in her hand, a gentle smile on her face. As always, her heart warmed when she saw the woman. It was then that she realized why she’d come. As much as she didn’t do family, there was something about the Edwardses that made her feel wanted.

They were good people. Everything her family was not.

“I’m fine,” Lily said quickly. “I just…I feel kind of sick to my stomach.” She rubbed her belly for good measure.

“Oh my,” Marnie said with concern. “I hope it wasn’t the shrimp.”

“The what?”

Damn. She heard Cain’s voice, and it sounded a hell of a lot closer than it did a minute before. They were heading this way. She tried to sidestep Marnie, but the woman looked really worried and wouldn’t budge.

“The shrimp cocktail? Did you have any of it?”

The shrimp.

“Oh.” Lily cleared her throat. “I might have had one, but I’m sure that’s not it. I wasn’t feeling one hundred percent this morning, and I probably should have stayed home. I think I’m coming down with something.”

She coughed for good measure, but only managed to draw looks from Jake and Raine—and from Steven as he walked outside from in the house.

“Christ, Lily. You sound like a damn cat with a hairball,” Jake said.

“I think I’m going to have to leave,” Lily stated, ignoring Jake. She couldn’t look at him because he knew her well enough to know she was bullshitting. He’d know something was up.

Lily inched forward and then froze when she heard that voice. That deep, husky voice with a touch of sandpaper that sounded as if every word was soaked in sin.

That voice she hadn’t forgotten.

She clenched her hands so tightly that her nails dug into her palms. Hard.

What. The. Hell.

“I’ve really got to go, Marnie.”

Her stomach rolled so badly, she’d broken out in a sweat, and Lily thought she really was going to be sick.

Footsteps on the stairs below made her jump, and she gave Marnie a quick hug, still ignoring Jake as she quickly crossed the deck and tried to smile at Steven Edwards.

“I’m so sorry. I really need to get home. I just…I don’t feel well.” God, she was overdoing it. She gulped in some air. “I hope you understand.” The words came out in a jumbled mess, but Steven nodded and moved aside so she could escape into the house.

“Hey! Lily! What’s going on?” Jake’s question hung in the air.

Cain and Maggie were on the deck now, and her panic was such that for a moment Lily couldn’t breathe. 

She didn’t glance back, and with her hand on the sliding glass doors, she spoke.

“I have to go home, Jake. I’ll call you later.”

She pushed her way into the house and ran across the smooth stone tiles until she reached the front door. 

She yanked it open, slammed it shut behind her, and then rested against it for a moment.

Her entire body shook and she let out a high-pitched giggle that wouldn’t be out of place in the local loony bin. Feeling a bit light-headed, Lily smoothed the front of her pale-blue J. Mendel halter dress and pushed off from the door, her white Fendi flats making no sound as she crossed the porch and took the steps down.

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